Jennifer says:

Please excuse me for rocking the boat, but, this article comes from 12160, which I have found to be extremely unreliable.

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I use ta be n admin till james caught me wit da barn animulls n took vantage uh me!

Hahahaha  on no Kryp... you diint just say that!

Dats right i did! i'm blowin da wissel on james! aint no trrr-ist in meh trousers! he da trrr-ist!

 LOL LOL - <censored> !  8-P

Geesh James. BLess your heart... I thought your reply to Jennifers "whine" was well written and explained!  This is after all a Social site... where members do have free speech. The disturbing thing is that this Jeffifer gal, doesn't even know a minute thing about what she was griping about.  When i read it... it thought, "What is she complaining about?"    You know what?  You enjoy your time off.  For goodness sake!   And Krypke... you are hilarious... always was, always will be.  Yeah james... Feelin the love. Yah been at it for a long time.  Just remember, for every shyte complaint... there are so many other great stories, people, and news getting out.  The in fighting crap... we all can do without.  You da man. And for all it's worth, hats off to you. A most thankless job, but I believieve the people here are good hearted. Especially those who been around for a while!  Steady on... much aloha. Thanks all!

For what its worth, I think 12160 is the best news site on the internet at the present time. - Optisoft aka mYth

Skim this >> 

Agent provocateur is being thrown around now like it's meaningful. You are either with us or the terrorists as Bush would say. Rand, Jones and Kokesh are on our side, ALL have quarks and are complex. Rand is trying to look like a republican, Jones is trying ... Er more complex that I have time for but he's on our side and Kokesh is still transforming and I think by this time next year mark my words if he's not in prison he will be recruiting for the militia. 

Henry Shivley and many on that site are Mark Koernke listeners and I love them like family but sometimes I see them missing the boat on issues. We have grey in our movement and complexity. Good and bad are polar opposite absolutes and should not be used so often. 

Sweet and well said Laser...

Ahem - remember that Obastard has enlisted his so called Cyber Warriors to "discredit" sites such as 12160.

Take it with a grain of salt - and know then that we must be making a difference if they are trying to discredit us!  8-P

High five 14300!


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