Gandhi condemned vaccines as a barbarous practice and a “fatal delusion”

  Gandhi condemned vaccines as a barbarous practice and a “fatal delusion”



Yes, it’s true that Mahatma Gandhi spoke out aggressively against the “barbarous practice” of vaccines, calling them a “fatal delusion” and urging conscientious objectors to “stand alone, if need be, against the whole world” in opposition of vaccines.

This was not a casual quote; it was a bedrock principle of Gandhi’s philosophy of freedom against oppression — the very kind of oppression we are seeing in the United States today with attempts to force vaccine violations upon children at gunpoint via vaccine mandates.

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You are living under a regime of medical extremism

What follows here is the reprinting of an important article by Sayer Ji of Sayer’s courage in standing up against vaccine fanaticism and medical extremism is greatly needed in this time of media oppression and government-sponsored medical tyranny against the citizens of America.

Today, Americans suffer under a bona fide scientific dictatorship where those who reject the delusions of the cult of modern “science” are vilified, verbally assaulted and threatened with arrest and imprisonment by a fanatical class of mentally ill media operatives who claim to represent “science.” Their “science,” however, is so fragile that it cannot withstand legitimate scientific questions concerning the toxicity of vaccine ingredients, the fraud confession of the CDC whistleblower, the continued use of mercury in vaccines, and the very real disastrous phenomenon of children being damaged by vaccines.

As a result, We the People now live under a medical regime in America that in many ways mirrors the tyranny of British rule of India. All those in America today who are calling for mandatory vaccines are not merely anti-freedom, anti-choice and anti-science, they are anti-Gandhi as well. They despise the very essence of human dignity, which must be founded in the respect of medical choice and individual freedom.

Gandhi’s Anti-Vaccine Views Ring True A Century Later

by Sayer Ji,

Almost one century ago, Gandhi published a book where he deconstructed the dangers and lack of effectiveness of vaccines and the agendas surrounding them. His voice rings true now more than ever.

The internet meme below has been subject of a good bit of controversy. Not only is Gandhi taking what many today consider an extreme ‘anti-vaxxer’ stance, but some have questioned whether or not he ever made this statement, or statements like it.

The truth is that this quote only scratches the surface of Gandhi’s biting critique of the dangers, inefficacy, and malfeasance associated with the vaccination campaigns of his time. Gandhi, of course, is history’s most celebrated anti-imperialist, having almost single-handedly set into motion India’s independence from British colonial rule. He was extremely sensitive to Western forms of control and oppression, and was able to apply his intellect to the manner in which the Western medical establishment was coercing millions of Indians to succumb to the unhealthy practice of smallpox and plague vaccination.

Download and read Gandhi’s book on health here.

The relevant chapters from his book A Guide to Health are republished below, but we have summarized some of the key points he makes so you can get a quick sense for how remarkably relevant his views on the topic are still today, and perhaps entice you to read the entire chapter thereafter.

Key points:

* The nature of diseases like smallpox have been misconceived. While smallpox has a contagious component, vaccinated individuals can become infected, and non-vaccinated individuals remain immune, disproving Jenner’s original theory that vaccination equates to bona fide immunity.

* Vaccination is a unsanitary practice. By injecting the ‘filth’ of a diseased cow and smallpox patient into the body of a healthy individual one inevitably makes them sicker, possibly producing new infections, ultimately resulting in a greater disease burden.

* The route of administration of the vaccine — injection— harbors special dangers versus natural (oral) exposures to infection.

* Fear of disease drives people to vaccinate against commonsense and rationality.

* Vaccination is unethical and immoral because of the manner in which the vaccine is produced (through the great suffering of poisoned animals) To read the rest of the article, please click here.

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