Glenn Greenwald: Israeli Bombing of Syria and Moral Relativism

Referring to US foreign Policy toward nations who do not bow to US demands..."they must abide by rules from which we're immune, because we're superior" or, you could change it slightly to reflect the relationship "we the people" have with our rulers..."WE must abide by rules from which they're immune, because they're superior."

On Sunday, Israel dropped massive bombs near Damascus, ones which the New York Times, quoting residents, originally reported (then evidently deleted) resulted in explosions "more massive than anything the residents of the city. . . have witnessed during more than two years of war." The Jerusalem Post this morning quoted "a senior Syrian military source" as claiming that "Israel used depleted uranium shells", though that is not confirmed. The NYT cited a "high-ranking Syrian military official" who said the bombs "struck several critical military facilities in some of the country's most tightly secured and strategic areas" and killed "dozens of elite troops stationed near the presidential palace", while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that "at least 42 soldiers were killed in the strikes, and another 100 who would usually be at the targeted sites remain unaccounted for."

Israeli defenders claim that its air attack targeted weapons provided by Iran that would have ended up in the hands of Hezbollah. Obama officials quickly told media outlets that "the administration is fully supportive of Israel's airstrikes". Indeed, Democratic Sen. Pat Leahy noted: "Keep in mind the Israelis are using weapons supplied by us." There is, needless to say, virtually no condemnation of the Israeli assault in US media or political circles. At this point, the only question is how many minutes will elapse before Congress reflexively adopts a near-unanimous or unanimous resolution effusively praising Israel for the attack and unqualifiedly endorsing all past and future attacks as well.

Because people who cheer for military action by their side like to pretend that they're something more than primitive "might-makes-right" tribalists, the claim is being hauled out that Israel's actions are justified by the "principle" that it has the right to defend itself from foreign weapons in the hands of hostile forces. But is that really a "principle" that anyone would apply consistently, as opposed to a typically concocted ad hoc claim to justify whatever the US and Israel do? Let's apply this "principle" to other cases, as several commentators on Twitter have done over the last 24 hours, beginning with this:


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I'm sure we'll be seeing Hollywood drag out all the 'nazi' and 'war' movies now, in order to garner support for the biggest little terrorist state on the planet, even tho the majority of Israeli's weren't alive in the 40's.  Israel also holds the world record for violations of UN resolutions. They possess a nuclear arsenal yet refuse to sign the NNPT. They refuse to allow inspectors to inspect their nuclear site at Dimona. They continuously point their finger at the rest of the world, wailing and gnashing their teeth about fictitious threats against them when they are in fact the occupiers and the threat. They daily practice genocide on the native population of Palestine yet complain the Palestinians aren't being cooperative in achieving 'peace'.  Israel is a veritable STUDY of hypocrisy and arrogance. I guess in yiddish it's call chutzpah.

Ahmadinejad never said anything about 'wiping Israel off the map'. That was another one of their lies. Sadly though, that idea is becoming more and more palatable. And it's the result of their lack of interest in joining humanity. They insist they are special because some God THEY invented said so in a book THEY wrote. When will the world wake up to their deceit? When can we put this fable to rest for good? Jews are no more special than and other religion. And Israel is no more Holy than Stonehenge or Giza.



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