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God is warning of great disasters   see

It may be too late, even according to God's recent words, but the goal is to want God's ways which are very different from our ways.  This is my response to another post; but it will give you the information you need to decide quickly to want God's ways.


God has our escape; but we seem intent on being enslaved throughout our lives with the employment lifestyle.  The loudest rejection of President Obama comes from those who want jobs, jobs, jobs.

There is only one God.  Jehovah-Yahweh's goal for all mankind, written in all holy books, is a garden paradise lifestyle.   It would solve the personal, national and world problems we created with the employment lifestyle including pollution of our air, land, water and food making young and old diseased.

The Middle East rebellions show signs that they are Soviet Style Socialism using unions.  What is it they promise?  Jobs, and why not, that pays government employees and union bosses and enslaves the whole world.... no matter to them that it leads to early extinction.  This is the devil's work....  and God's work.... to show us we are only free under the garden paradise lifestyle.  The financial aspects have been worked out by God.  Once the heart is changed, all turn toward helpfulness,  voluntarily.

WHEN we choose God's garden paradise lifestyle, we will find God's candidate to bring it in.  NONE other is promising anything but more jobs..... part of that is our fault.  We must now be vocal for the garden paradise lifestyle.  Our alternative is lifelong bondage to employment.
“Even more significant is that the Hezb'allah representatives demonstrating on the first day of the Cairo uprising were carrying flags displaying the hammer and sickle."  ( read into Congress 1963)#17-19, 42 control of schools, promote student violence & insurrection for economic, political and social problems.  #36, 37 control of MORE unions, control of big business

Our Socialist connections?

12-30-10  World Net Daily-Hawaii Gov."'Friends' linked to Democrat Socialists of America "
God has solutions to problems we created by ignoring His wisdom

Ah BS,   One great prediction just like the event planned for May 21, 2011.   Stop it with  this fear mongering!
No fear mongering here--just giving you the information,like it or not,true or not,i will report it. Decide for yourself.

The story about the dam comes from this vid.


A friend of a friend of a friend knows someone who works at the dam and they said....


Look back at the sources with anything coming from Terral. 

Thanks Arch i will check it out,peace


"Destroying the New World Order"


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Interesting, but he obviously has never read the Talmud. He stated on another occasion that Zionism was the exact opposite of Judaism.
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