HEADS UP! Denver, Portsmouth, N.H., and D.C. - Large-scale, 10-day terrorism-response exercises

 turns out this is from 2002 .

The federal government has begun preparing three U.S. cities for large-scale, 10-day terrorism-response exercises scheduled this month.

Beginning sometime between May 7 and May 29, local, state and top level federal authorities will respond to simulated weapons of mass destruction attacks in three cities — Denver, Portsmouth, N.H., and the Washington, D.C.-area.

Denver or Portsmouth will face either a simulated biological or a chemical weapons attack. The D.C. metropolitan area will respond to a radiological attack drill — which could range from simply an exposed container of radioactive material to a small nuclear detonation.

Looking for Realism

The congressionally mandated exercises are intended to examine how well local, state and federal authorities are prepared to respond to and together deal with the consequences of a weapons of mass destruction attack.

“The goal of the exercise is to assess the nation’s crisis consequence management capacity under extraordinarily stressful conditions,” the Department of Justice said in a statement released Thursday.

Specific dates and characteristics of the exercise are being withheld from participants, to make the tests as realistic as possible.




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It seems that after the successful Water town and Boston things they put on,I can only see more and more of this type of thing happening. The Boston thing was a test for them to see how fast they could control a town and the people in it. It worked didn't it.They managed to terrorize a whole town for the better part of a few days. They used DOD,DHS,National Guard,FBI,as many police and swat teams that they could get,all for one person? Speaking of the boy they supposedly have in custody,seems they are now keeping things quiet about him.Is that surprising?? All this was a drill.From all the video and all thats been posted about it thats the only conclusion there is to come to. Now they are going to be having these drills any where and every where. The jackboots are coming and theres not a thing any one can do to stop them!!

Hell no - if that was in my city - I'd leave town until they were gone. 

I don't want to be anywhere near one of their so-called psy-op exercises to kill "drills". 

This is just an excuse to terrorize, maim and kill citizens.

portsmouth under attack--

Gilley's hot dog cart raided by swat team--1700 dogs with the works to go !!

Moes subs now under siege--extra meat orders by right wing radicals spurs FBI investigation !!!




look close

turns out this may be from last year.

Hey everyone, this abcnews article is very weird. 

On 22 April,  I looked at the link you posted:


and the date there was shown as: Jan 7, 2006, 10:00 AM

Just now, the date of the article is:  May 2, 2004

Other people here have noted that the article is from 2002 as well as  2012

It's very unprofessional of the abcnews website to present their info is such a way that the dropdown menu obscures the top of their articles.  It's extremely suspicious that the obscured date keeps changing.  I strongly believe that this story has legs.

Don't forget, they are Satanists and their religion dictates that they have to inform us beforehand of the atrocities they intend to do to us but they are permitted to present the information in such a way that we will dismiss it.


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