We have seen the brutal and unprovoked attack on members of the Canadian Military by Islamic terrorists on their own soil, in the country’s fourth largest city. We have also seen the injuries suffered by people just watching a marathon in Boston.  Proving that while we are not afraid of terrorist, they are among us and fully intend to do us harm.

I was contacted by someone that I have known for several years. This person is what would be described as a “high ranking official” with the Department of Homeland Security.  For reasons of their personal anonymity, I will not use their name. During our conversation they told me that they had just left a meeting with officials of several government departments, the topic of which was the status of terrorism in our country.

Most of us know that several groups have made threats against our country and people, and some attacks have been carried out or attempted over the last few years. What we don’t know is just how many attempted plots have been foiled by law enforcement or how close they came to being carried out.  But now according to my friend, that is about to change. It is not that the DHS is going to stop trying to foil these attempts, but that they simply have lost track of several likely terrorists.

They know that there are plans in the works for some major attacks, they even know the types of targets, what they don’t know is where, when and how many. My source said they had been several teams of suspected terrorists that had crossed illegally into the United States over the last several weeks, not only through Mexico, but also through Canada.  It is the feeling of many officials at DHS that these attacks will be launched during the upcoming Judo-Christian holiday season. They base this assumption on the volume of “traffic” they have monitored over the last few weeks and some pieces of information they have managed to pick up.

As in Canada, the attacks are expected to be singular events carried out by one or two persons and designed to create the largest shock effect on the general public. It is believed that nothing is considered a non-target but places of major concern are, the Power Grid, Telecommunications, Shopping Centers, Malls, Churches and other places of worship and even schools.

There is much discussion inside Homeland Security and the administration as to whether or not to tell the general public. Many feel that saying anything will only increase public anger at the administration and since they have no hard evidence on which to act, any public notice of the situation would be “premature” and “pointless”.

The feeling among top is that it is better to not say anything and plead ignorance of impending events, than to admit to them and fail to stop them in time to avert loss of life. They believe that such a failure would only increase the lack of faith in the ability of the government to handle such events. It is also felt that making such information public could have a negative effect on and the economy at a time when most business are preparing for huge crowds of the spending public.

My source’s advice was simple, “Avoid crowds, shop at off hours and online, pay attention to those around you and for out of place behavior and clothing. My source went on to say, “don’t look at the person, not every jihadist has a beard and wears a black jumpsuit their objective is to look just like you. Remember, the 9/11 terrorists were clean shaven and dressed just like everyone else on the planes.  It is the person’s demeanor, not their personal appearance that is the give-a-way. Watch for people that are wearing things like rain coats on sunny days, and bulky coats on warm days. Above all, stay out of large crowds unless it is necessary. Seemingly simple things like Tree lighting’s and Black Friday Sales are great targets of opportunity.”

The preceding information is true to the best of our knowledge. It was provided to us by a high ranking official of the Department of Homeland Security. The only stipulation on its use was that they would remain nameless and we would not imply any gender, age, or race.

The source has told us that this information is true and the reason they are disclosing it at this time is in the interest of public safety and the right of the people to know what the dangers are.

For these reasons, we have presented the preceding information to you.

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  this is how  the control freaks control....           ""you need us..  to get them for you "

so when exactly is the Judo-Christian holiday season?  Dates for this?

Some observations on the latest "dire warning from anonymous high-ranking government source". First of all, from the time of the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty by Israelis to Waco, 9/11,  "Underwear Bomber", "Shoe Bomber", New Town Ct, to pretty much every other terror plot (foiled or otherwise), US government involvement is invariably uncovered after the fact. Unless we prefer to believe the fairytales of the mainstream "infotainment" industry, which is collectively owned by 4-5 corporations, we're left with the depressing realization that our government will continue to sponsor false flag operations in order to rationalize further erosion of our God-given freedoms, and feed their lust for empire. That's the actual state of events outside our doors today. 

Secondly, as Edward Snowden so thoroughly documented, US intelligence services (at least 16 in all) constantly spy on everyone, everywhere, all the time.  He only revealed the inner working of ONE of those agencies. The entire planet and it's 7 billion inhabitants are under an electron microscope.  The spurious claim that out of terabytes of recorded phone calls, copied emails, and 100% monitored social media, they only have "bits of information", but nothing specific, is laughable. 

Third, generic warnings are counter-productive.  They increase paranoia and fear, but do nothing to deter anything.  They've been telling us, "If you see something, say something", for almost 15 years, and when exactly has that actually stopped any 'terrorist' from doing anything?  Install a million security cameras in Boston, or 5 million in NYC, and rest assured the critical few which actually captured what really happened will be conveniently 'out of order' on the day in question. 

Finally, these tediously cryptic warnings of "something" about to occur presume a federal government that actually cares about us and our safety- they don't.  As the late George Carlin said, "It's all a big club, and you ain't in it."  That's the truth as I know it. 


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