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IRS checking out your Facebook and twitter to help keep you honest

IRS checking out your Facebook and twitter to help keep you honest

Reported by: Jesse Knutson

Contributor: Nate Wardle
Updated: 4/03 10:37 pm

You have less than two weeks to file your taxes and your Facebook or twitter accounts could end up getting you in big trouble with the IRS.

They're looking for tax cheaters.  The IRS has been known to check car records, employment documents and other public records.  Now, your social media page is on that list too.

“I think that’s a little bit ridiculous,” replied one person we talked to.

Some of the people we talked to were surprised.

“I think it’s still an invasion of privacy,” commented Ken Moses.  “You wouldn’t want the IRS looking into your profile to see how much money you make or anything else like that.”

Others see that times have changed and expect this from the government.

“I’m not surprised at all. I feel like they’ll do anything to just get something out of you,” Jesus Guzman commented. More here -

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DYK that there is a share option below the 'favorite' feature and when you click on it, you can share your post whether it is a blog, vid, discussion, photo, ectera with friends in your friends list?

yes its true!

...good damn thing nobody here is on that data mining DARPA site then eh???

Google or Facebook?

either or ...w00t!

yahoo & MSN as well....they are ALL friggin data spies for one alphabet agency or another.....bastiches

The NAZI zionists are reeating history again, just as they did in Germany!  The Top NAZIS were not Germans but Ashkenazi German Jews! But hte German nation got the blame for this!! The Same fuckers who created America's Federal Reserve where the NAZIS!   They also funded the Russian Jews to create Soviet Communism!  Why did the Soviet system destroy all Churches in Russia, but protected all Synagogues?    Even if you were caught with a copy of the Book The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, you would be taken and shot by the Jews posing as Russian Communists!  These Zionist Fuckers are now Targeting America as the next NAZI/zionist State!   I also know that they want people to Rise up, just so that they can implement in Marshal Law and begin sticking people in FEMA Camps where these camps will be real Death camps this time around!!  The last time it was just a hoax that they were death camps, this time around, they are very very real!  They also have Guillotines, real Gas Chambers and real Crematoriums there too.   The Gassing of Jews was nothing more than a hoax so that they could use that lie to Steal land from a Peaceful and harmless Palestinian Population!!    Nazi Zionist can still be seen today, all you have to do is look at what is happening in Palestine to see the same Nazi Zionists behaving in exactly the same way that they did in Nazi Germany! Nazis and zionists are one and the very same.  Though in Nazi Germany, you did have a few real German human beings.  A very small minority behaved in the same way as their Nazi-zionist counterpart.



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