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Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory – Skinwalker Ranch S03E05 – Skinwalker


Tru TV moved Jesse Ventura Conspiacry Theory to Monday nights at 11pm Eastern and last night′s episode was about the Skinwalker Ranch and space-billionaire Robert Bigelow. Has the United States government privatized its UFO research? Bigelow Aerospace already has launched into orbit two experimental inflatable space stations, Genisis I & II and recently inked a deal with SpaceX for more launches. Is Bigelow building a hotel in space for tourists, or is he preparing to escape an alien attack? Just what does he know about UFOs? Jesse Ventura sets out to learn the truth.

skinwalker ranch

The journey begins when Jesse meets up with Ron Regeher, a former NASA engineer who has a problem with corporate fat-cats taking over outer space. Are the Rocket-Barons a threat to Mankind? We learn that the international organization that oversees restrictions on weaponizing space has given one company an exemption, Bigelow Aerospace. How did they rate that?

Talk show host Don Ecker tells Tyrel Ventura all about Robert Bigelow, who made is billions in the cheap motel business. Then he began branching out, starting his own aerospace firm and launched his own private investigation into UFOs in the 1990s. He purchased the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, infamous for many Native Indian legends of strange spirits and beasts. Some say the ranch is haunted. Now, some UFO folks think it is ground zero for our ′alien brothers′.

In June of 2010, Bigelow was interviewed by the New York Times about space entrepreneurs and also talked about his interest in UFOs. Bigelow said, ″Anybody that does research, if people bother to do quality research, come away absolutely convinced.″ He also told the Times that, ″People have been killed. People have bee hurt.″ Rumors that there may have been an alien attack at the Skinwalker Ranch have flourished, though others think Bigelow was referring to an incident at Colares, Brazil back in 1977 where the island was allegedly attacked by UFOs, resulting in 2 deaths and about 3 dozen people taken ill.

The Ventura team learns that in 2009, Bigelow bought a stake in MUFON, and then proceeded to seal a good deal of research. We also find out that he has a deal with the F.A.A., who refers any sightings by U.S. citizens to send their reports to the Bigelow Advanced Aerospace Group. A deal that apparently had been arranged by none other than retired Army Colonel John R. Alexander. Alexander led some of the military′s more controversial programs involving mind control and psychic experiments, some of which was depicted in the movie, ″Men Who Stare At Goats.″

Enough fooling around! Jesse Ventura wants to confront Bigelow himself. He and his team head for Las Vegas and the headquarters of Bigelow Aerospace, whose logo is that of an classic ′gray alien′ face! But access is denied when the gang tries to get past the company guards. Fortunately, Jesse gets a tip that Bigelow is speaking at a space entrepreneur conference in New Mexico, so the team heads there. Jesse confronts Bigelow in the hallway of a conference center but gets no real answers. Bigelow slips away but then is stopped by Sean Stone who directly asks about the rumors of an alien attack. Bigelow does clarify that he was referring to the Colares incident in his New York Times interview.

Ventura chats with his buddy, Alex Jones, who tips him off about the connection between Bigelow and Col. Alexander. So Jesse interviews the colonel mano-a-mano. He admits that he did make the arrangement for the FAA to refer all UFO sightings to Bigelow′s company, but the Colonel debunks any idea that Bigelow is trying to reverse-engineer alien technology. He also tells Jesse that there is nothing going on at the Skinwalker Ranch, that it is a rather dull place. The show concludes with Sean and Tyrel meeting with UFO investigator Preston Dennet who thinks Bigelow has secret knowledge of a coming alien space attack and is preparing to leave Earth. That his inflatable, space-tourism hotel is really an escape pod.

In the end, Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory does little to solve the mystery of the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, or of what Robert Bigelow is up to with his UFO research. But, Jesse is concerned that once again, corporate fat cats are too closely involved with the government and there is no way to learn what they are secretly doing. Big government, Big business, Big trouble!

genisis space hotel


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