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Letter to The Editor (R.E. Sandy Hook elementary School shooting in Newton, CT.)


I can't get past this senseless and evil killing at the elementary school in Connecticut. It has deeply upset me. As a retired teacher and as a father who lost his own child, my heartaches for the parents of these children and the other innocent who died at the hands of a psychopathic monster.

27 dead. 18 of them small children. All of them defenseless and innocent. They didn't have a hope, not a chance with this heavily armed murdering insane monster.

I am angry beyond words because the law forbade any law-abiding faculty at the school from being armed. This left every faculty member and those precious children at the mercy of criminals like this psychopath who can always get guns illegally. They can prey on anyone they want, any time they want - even kids. It’s just outrageous. Yet the law-abiding are left defenseless. How can this be? It's just wrong.

For those who want to take away our gun rights, remember this disaster. Remember that every faculty member was "disarmed," by law, leaving all those kids at the mercy of an insane armed criminal.

This disaster supports arming law-abiding adults, not disarming them. You can't protect anyone by disarming law-abiding citizens. The police couldn’t get their in time to save a soul. They almost never do.

Let’s arm teachers and at least give them a chance to protect themselves and their students. Either that or pay for armed police in every school.

ED COET Killeen, Texas

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We pay the teachers to teach,. and we expect them to protect the children.... its all nonsense. There are many retired Army and Marines out there in need of a job, any one with a brain could have stopped this before it ever got started.  And where were the men teachers, if any in that school yesterday?

Have a look. Please.


The police couldn’t get their in time to save a soul. They almost never do.

Let’s arm teachers and at least give them a chance to protect themselves and their students.  If they want to "enforce" anything how about we start exercising our 2nd amendment right to defend ourselves and our loved ones this would have never happened if we were all allowed to defend ourselves and exercise this God given right~

A gun in every classroom. Arm every teacher and principal to defend themselves and their students during an attack. Petition the Obama administration.

The school and the state should be sued for prohibiting and negligence of defence of students. Even security wasn't allowed to carry a gun. What was security suppose to do,throw rocks at the guy?

I'm sure the principal and faculty heard about other incidents like this happening around the country, Columbine,Colo, Philadelphia,Pa, Aurora,Co.. Didn't that spur them into making some kind of contingency plans?

Strange thing is they always seem to be on some kind of anti-depressant drugs. Shouldn't the pharmaceutical companies give some answers as to why their drugs have the opposite effect on patience?



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