The radio and media at large isn’t mentioning the exact details, however this is a very important thing. FPS Russia is a driving force in the pro-gun movement concerning youth. The videos published are very pro-gun, and reach literally millions of impressionable youth showing them that firearms just aren’t for people in movies or video games.

From the details, it was not a robbery turned murder. His guns were still left in the house. So, why was he murdered mob style?

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 can you give us a summary to these other people? I dont get connections.

Keith Ratliff, the manager of FPS Russia, the 3rd most popular youtube channel was found dead yesterday, tied up to a chair and shot in the back of the head.

Keith Ratliff last tweet new years eve

Yeah this guy used to make some really bad ass youtube videos of all kinds of crazy military grade weapons.  They found the guy tied up and shot in the back of the head and apparently he just put out a youtube video depicting the very same scenario just before his death.

I see, didnt know about the other surprise deaths this week.

feds aren't fukkn around anymore apparently

This is the manager NOT the star of the show guys.

Did some research and this looks legit, at least the FPS Facebook and twitter are not denying it and this has been out for about a full day No confirmation from FPS but no posts have been made by any of their accounts since the murder either.

If this is in fact real and not some screwed up publicity stunt this looks like a POLITICAL HIT!

"This represents a second well known player in the firearms industry to be killed in the past week. Only a few days ago, John Novseke was killed in a somewhat mysterious car crash." -source

Could be a taste of things to come.

This may be the work of a self righteous anti-gun activist who may have taking things into their own hand to right the wrongs they see in our society . Maybe something like something out of the new movie "god bless America"

Could videos like this have gotten the FPS manager killed?

Glorifying guns? I personally love the video but to an anti-gun radical, motivation to kill?

Just to add onto what TLS said, Kyle (L Myers) plays the 'role' of "Dmitri", the host.

The scenario regarding Keith's death is VERY disturbing.



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