If I were a Government Agent and I was tasked with causing dissent among the Liberty movement and misguide those who would fight against the NWO one of my platforms would be encouraging them not to show up on voting day.

What would be more perfect? The entire Liberty movement not voting! It will be great. We wouldn't have to worry about people being upset about their vote being rigged as heck they didn't try!

So now I don't even have to rig it, if we even could have on that scale. If we could have there would always be the whistleblowers to watch out for, and with Senator Grassley, RP, and GJ on the prowl just waiting for that to happen it would have been risky.

This will be great because in addition it will dishearten the people in the Liberty movement that did vote as they will find themselves very alone.

Also, without something peaceful to strive towards as a means for change this will motivate some to violence (which is always great for us) and others to do nothing which also works for us.

Finally, we get to watch as those who have fought and taken up the torch of Liberty be betrayed by the very people they hoped would at least show  support for the growing movement.

So please take it from those who would hate for you to have Liberty, don't bother voting.

--This is of course not a confession of being a GA and simply pointing out that this would be a great plant --

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well that is certainly something...an opinion

Didn't say you were persay, or anyone here. This not voting "plan" is hardly a new idea though. 
I suspect that the person that first presented this idea or those that encouraged it are. I have no more evidence than you do that the election will be rigged, and employ much more logic here than such a plan.
As James points out, an opinion. Mine is your either an agent or being had by one, social Media has become a power and is very easily manipulated.  

As James points out, an opinion. Mine is your either an agent or being had by one, social Media has become a power and is very easily manipulated.

I see, so it's your opinion that anyone who believes that voting in a corrupt election process with the end result being electing an individual to a corrupt system (and thinking they can change it) is either an 'agent provocateur' or is 'stupid'? Sounds like smug elitism to me but, that's just my opinion.

If you see voting as the answer than by all means vote your conscience. Personally, I see that as the problem that needs solving; thinking govt can 'give' you what you seek and that by just voting the right individual into office is the answer.

Voting in a national election will never change anything but the faces and the rhetoric. If you want real change you'll get active at the local level: in your neighborhood, school board, city council/committee, county etc and at the State level. Spend your time educating others that govt is not there to do for you what you should be doing for yourself, but is there to protect your right to do for yourself.

I'll readily admit that its much easier to show up on election day, punch a few buttons and consider your civic duty performed (and then complain about those who did not do the same).

The past 150 yrs is evidence of where that attitude has gotten us.


BTW, it's not social media that's 'easily manipulated'; weak minds are.


"Twentieth-century man believes in the state as firmly and implicitly as medieval man believed in the church - as an institution whose authority can't, finally, be questioned. I don't mean that people never complain about government; obviously they complain about it all the time. But they very rarely challenge it in principle by asking where it gets its right to exist in the first place. More often than not, even their complaints are really demands that it do more than it is already doing." Joseph Sobran

Heh I stick by my earlier statement... you pull what you like from it. ; )

Actually, I feel that IF you really believe the election is corrupt you would be fighting to get rid of that corruption.

Not voting does nothing but hand it over. Changing our elections to LOW TECH, PROSECUTING all who committed election fraud - and there are LOTS on videos, multiple witnesses, software, etc).

All votes are to be PRIVATE, yet there are scanner symbols on all ballets that track who, and what was voted. So start fighting for the arrest and prosecution for those who designed these ballots.

Fight for a low tech answer, where voting is Private. Counting is PUBLIC with us watching at every place there is a count and with videos on all sides to back up the watchers. Video goes down - re count BEFORE the ballots move to the next place.

SCREAM for the 2012 GOP elections in each state to be RE done low tech in each state because there is documented election fraud in EVERY state that voted. Fight for arests and prosecutions.

Check out blackboxvoting . com as it has been covering this problem for years.

Do NOT let the mainstream media get by with lies, half-truths, no coverage as that is also illegal here in the USA. Monopolies and cartels are not allowed.

The Supreme Court stated in Red Lion v. FCC in 1969: “It is the purpose of the First Amendment to preserve an uninhibited marketplace of ideas in which truth will ultimately prevail, rather than to countenance monopolization of that market, whether it be by the Government itself or a private licensee. It is the right of the public to receive suitable access to social, political, esthetic, moral, and other ideas and experiences which is crucial here. That right may not constitutionally be abridged either by Congress or by the FCC.”

Scream for the arrest and prosecution of the head of the FCC and about 4 or 5 layers directly below, since they are the ones who are SUPPOSED to make sure that monopolies and cartels do not happen here.

Start letting those of your federal representatives from your state, plus those in your state that YOU REQUIRE them to keep the solemn and LEGALLY BIDING Oath they took to support and defend the US Constitution plus the State (they are from) Constitution.

Read your state Constitution, know our Constitution of the United States of America because it is the Supreme Law of this land, and NO law can go against it, weaken it and still be legal here in the USA.


Actually, you assume that because I will not give my blessing/vote in a national election, thereby giving govt a legitimacy I refuse to acknowledge, that I am doing nothing.

Check your premise.

Secret Agent man actually applies to some sort of cool James Bond nothing of the kind... these guys are just guys at a computer somewhere near DC I'd imagine.

cyber trolling beats working at mc'donalds

Insanity: repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome.

its todays norm ;)

Well I voted for Obama last time this time I'm voting for a third party, like many for the first time. So your  insinuation that I'm insane makes no sense. 


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