WASHINGTON D. C. – President Barack Obama announced that extra-terrestrial aliens have been controlling the world’s major governments since shortly after the end of World War II. President Obama made the stunning declaration at an unscheduled White House press conference early this morning.

“This has been going on since the 1950s,” President Obama told the crowd of stunned reporters, “They were attracted to our planet in large numbers due to our discovery of atomic fission, to our use of nuclear weapons.”

Obama described how the 1947 Roswell incident involved a type of alien popularly known as The Greys, who were the first to make themselves outwardly known.

“Today, practically every human being on earth knows what a Grey alien looks like,” the President said with a shrug, “Once contact was established with the Greys, President Truman made a deal with them, letting them build bases here in exchange for technology. After that, President Eisenhower met with a group of aliens commonly known as the Nordics, who are similar enough to terrestrial humans to move among us almost completely unnoticed. They offered us a place in the universal brotherhood of enlightenment if we were willing to disarm ourselves of nuclear weapon. Unfortunately, both we and the Soviet Union, who were also facing this offer, decided to hold on to the nukes.”

The President went on to explain that, since then, a variety of alien groups have established secret programs to work around the resistance by world governments to abandoning nuclear weapons and the threat of multi-dimensional devastation they pose.

“Aliens have been around for a long time, and not all of them travel by spaceship,” President Obama explained, “They can manipulate time and space, which are both important and strongly-interconnected properties of reality, but not the only ones. One result of that manipulation is anti-gravity faster-than-light propulsion. Another result is a form of control over the kinds of trans-dimensional perception most commonly known as remote viewing, telepathy, astral travel, bi-location, or any of a large number of other names.”

Nodding to himself, the President paused to take a long look at the apprehensive faces filling the silent room.

“The point is,” he continued, “aliens have controlled our governments for the past sixty years and…”

At that point, President Obama lifted his hand to cover what, at first, seemed to be a cough.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself,” the President said, wiping a tear out of the corner of his eye after he’d finished laughing, “I’m just kidding about the aliens running our government. No, we human beings are responsible for the terrible mess we’re in and we’re just going to have to get ourselves out of it, all by ourselves.”


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One thing for certain. He was joking when he offered "change".

In fact, Webster's is expanding upon the definition of "change"

so that it includes "barbed dildo".

Well, I couldn't believe that he would reveal stuff like this, that is why I had to the Tag-lines Is Obama Serious?

One, the Cabal would kill him for revealing less than that.  Two, He is most likely a Genetic Clone, that is like the pot calling the kettle black! What-ever the Members of 12160 believe about Aliens,  They happen to be very real and do not want the world knowing that they exist.  That is why Government goes to great lengths to ridicule such information, with bogus cases, Misinformation and Denial. 

Haha  Thomas I saw that but nothing surprises me?..:-) 

Great post Charles is there a link to this article.

Here's the link

It's a joke with a twist of reality. The world leaders seem to have drifted so far from humanity that they have themselves become aliens.

I wasn't sure that the Obama Administration wasn't taking the piss out of us or if he was just fed up of holding what he knew.  But as this post is supposed to be a joke, then it shouldn't be taken serious.

Is there another agenda behind the fake posts?  Most likely, but why?

There is always an agenda, a very bad one.

Thank you for the link.  Its articles like that which gives truth a certain madness when we are overwhelmed with so much.....

The Cabal sees themselves as ETs, but to add to their Belief, DNA within these parasitic Bastards shows RH-Negative Blood in most of them.   RH-Negative means no link to Rhesus Monkeys! You may find this article of some interest Patriot Horse!

I know RH-negative people who are good persons in all respects, honest, caring and all the contrary to the psychopathic politicians and their leaders unable to feel quilt for the horrible crimes they have committed against humanity. Let's not condemn anyone for his/her blood type, let the actions of each individual speak instead.

I have RH-neg blood...certainly not one of them! Hell, I've spent my life exposing and kickin' butt on them.

Good to know Sweettina2!   I don't know if I have RH Negative or not, but it doesn't matter, either way I want the Cabal Destroyed!


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