Obama Met with Judge at Restaurant, Then Judge Blocked Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration




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These extremist judges need to be fired.


Hey Gang it's time for Citizens Grand Juries and Citizens Courts Marshall...



‘Sheriff, everyone’s ready down in front of the bank building’.

'Ok Chester, I’ll just finish my coffee and we'll head down there’.

Those citizens that entered the bank and adjacent office block had been duly sworn in as the sheriff’s deputies and had the warrants issued by the magistrate based on the findings of the Citizens Grand Jury.

The banker Mr. Baily and his board of directors from out of town were objecting as they were led out into the street.

‘You have no legal authority to detain us, Banks are federally protected. I demand you release us. Citizen’s grand jury my ass. You’re all just ignorant, thinking this is a local issue’.

Well the Sheriff had arrived with his chief deputy Chester and not wanting to argue as to whom was ignorant decided to ask Baily and his Eastern Gang a few questions:

‘This here bank of yours is registered with the Attorney General using this local address is it not and you do business right here in this town, right. So that makes it a local matter and you and your board have caused havoc on local lives with your interest rates and excessive charges while denying any means of growth in the local businesses by arranging buyouts and freezing out the small completion'.

The Sheriff had paused to check his documents that Chester had researched regarding the Eastern Gang....

'As to these fella’s making up your board. We checked them out and see they represent various industries; all neatly tied into our local problems. Kinda makes sense to have them all tied together. Let’s see, I got the list right here. Insurance, well it says the premiums have had a steady increase for the last five years, yet we have the lowest claim ratio in the state. Then there’s that big chemical plant down on Route 12 that the Feds checked for dumping in the river and of course, that polluted the county reservoir and somehow it’s still dumping away. I know you don’t drink the local water as I see from my front window bottled water being delivered weekly. That New York retail conglomerate is listed here as owning the sales depot peddling a bunch of Chinese junk that doesn’t last and made all the so-called Ma and Pa shops fold up. I’ve had to replace three fans this summer alone. Last but certainly not least is the medical firm that pushed those vaccine trials onto the school classes. There aren’t enough hospitals or doctors in the state to treat those kids now that they and their Tumors are fully-grown. For all of that, you have all been found guilty as charged. The fact is, you are Ignorant of the power of the people’.

He motioned to the men holding the prepared ropes. ‘Take em all around back. The ladies have finished preparing the feathers from the old pillows and the tar has reached the right consistency. Let’s get them fixed up and sent on their way. I don’t want to see their Asses in town again’.

Mob Justice? No, a long overdue Draining of the Cesspool!

We are Legion….


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