I know some don't like me because of my criticism of Trump, but please read to the end anyway. One might recall the Biblical exhortion to know them by their works (not their words). I mean, after doing a 180 on putting Hillary in prison on election night, he jets off to see Henry Kissinger, then pushes the DAPL pipeline through. You remember that, don't you? Protestors freezing on  a bridge, being soaked with fire hoses. While in a violation of it's treaty with these people, they constructed an oil pipeline on their lands. Not because it was the only way, but because of some NIMBYs (not in my backyard). Not America's finest moment. The concern of the injuns was that there would be contamination of their waters, and, sure enough....

I hate bringing these things up, but think about who got him elected. I think it was Molyneux I was watching, and he said something about Hillary's campaign organization pushed the media to cover Trump so he could win the nomination, because she felt like she could more easily defeat him in the general election. So, without Hillary intervening, Trump would not be President. And he was buddy buddy with the Clintons beforehand. I mean, are you really sure you want to put all your faith in this guy? Not one new section of fence or wall has went up. Netanyahu's parents brought him with them when they visited Trump's parents. If they'd lived closer, they'd have grown up together. God amlighty, he appointed Nikki Haley, and didn't fire her after she departed from his "official" positions? Kavanaugh is emblematic of what I'm talking about - as soon as his appointment's in, he rushes to side with the left on abortion. But somehow, say his name, and every patriot gets fired up. WHY?

What is more likely, that Trump sees our concerns and sympathizes with them, or that every single word out of his mouth is theater? I reserve no more mercy for the far left than I do the conservative right, by the way. I think the social and economic policies of the far left are the worst thing that's happened to the world, bar none. However, Trump has already espoused the "spoils of war" way of doing things, with regard to Syria and Venezuela. He's still letting the military pick it's targets. His cabinet is full of Goldman Sachs, who make their "living" vampiring on those of us that produce value. He's given Mr. 666 5th Avenue (Kushner, for those who don't remember) a high-level  job. He discarded the issue of vaccine safety shortly after he won. He drank fine wine with Israel's elite in Jerusalem while 67 peaceful protestors were gunned down, including kids. He's all in favor of militarization of the police, and 5G??? He sold billions in arms to the Saudis, and their genocidal war against the Yemenis can't continue without AWACs support, I am told, and believe. The man has appointed gay federal judges, and supports red flag laws? His MAGA hats have had, for a while, an option with rainbow embroidery, and his administration is working to ensure gay rights are granted in countries in which homosexuality is illegal? He hasn't done a thing about censorship of the right either, by the way. To the best of my knowledge, he hasn't said anything about the genocide of Whites in South Africa. Or prioritized Christians, or Whites, as immigrants. Or decried or tried to stop the destruction of Christians across the middle east and Africa. And we're ready to be treated like we're treated now, all over again, come 2020.

Despite all this, people show up in droves, waiting outside arenas for many hours. When are you done making allowances for him? Do the elites have us by our psychological balls so completely? I guess they do.

More to come, just feel strangely fatigued. Ugh.

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Thank You, Mr. Sizzle.

Great post James. The real Litmus test for any politician or President is who surrounds them and in their ear.  Research the names of his cabinet an you will undoubtedly find decades of corruption and deceit.

Trump was bought and payed for long ago.

Thank you.

We will see if something happens.


Yep. What the hell did we get ourselves in to?

Good one James. I look at the poli-ticks as at many parasites. Trump has never closed US inc, the company he's a President of. Neither he freed the people from neo-feudal status they're in.

We still under banksters boot, under maritime jurisdiction as enemies of the state.

It's a high time to abandon the illusions. I hate being traded on a stock exchange as commodity. There never was anyone to save us. We can do it but, the fear of 'authority' and ignorance of common law principles will ensure our demise.  

Yeah. I'm sure tech is the answer. If God showed up and offered me anything, I'd ask for the wisdom to use it. Well, that and maybe a couple of goth girls, Solomon shouldn't have had all the fun. ;o)

James I think your a concerned patriot and justly skeptical of everything and you should be.

Trump is president not dictator, he can't do everything we want right off the bat, IMO our country was hijacked fully on the day they offed Kennedy and his brother, the cabal has been placing traitors in every corner of our country since that time, I used to think we were voting for the lessor of two evils but that was wrong, booth presidential candidates were put there by the cabal and booth were evil, by the way I think Trump blindsided them and took our presidency back away from the cabal.

Also I believe the wall is being built. Also I believe Trump is in the process of dumping the phony Federal reserve and will put the money back on the gold standard in the hands of the treasury and congress.

There are thousands of indictments that will be opened when the time is right and all the cabal members will be arrested.

it takes time to turn things around he is surrounded by the enemy from within, he is making the right moves where possible.

these ass holes that hijacked our country are going down and they know it, that's why they are fighting back, if they could kill Trump they would and they still might, I pray they never get the chance, hes our last hope and I don't believe the patriots in public has the balls to take back our country by force like our founders would have already done.

I suggest it's best to overlook some of the small stuff your concerned over, give it time, he can't do it overnight, he can't get tied up fighting all the fights, he has to remain focused on restoring our republic, all the shit that has been done to our republic since they hijacked our country is going to take time, hes using the system to restore our republic, putting the right people in the right places and it's not easy to figure out who are the right people, many had to be dumped and replaced.

I don't think anyone could do better, people within the military were going to have a coup to take back our government when darkfag was in office, but instead they talked Trump into doing this way, this is what I believe.

Also Trump is not responsible for everything passed in our country such as red flag laws and that will all go away if he restores our republic and prosecutes the enemy within, so give the guy a chance, what we got to lose.

Yeah but, he's expressed support for red flag laws, and the growing highway robbery of civil asset forfeiture. And now saying it may be necessary to go to war with Iran. Etc. etc. What was he elected for again?

I'm not familiar on the Civil asset issue your referring too.

I remember him sitting down with anti gun dems, getting there input on how to stop mass shootings. Trump does listen, hes one of the best listeners I ever saw in office and he can keep his pie hole shut, I need to learn that skill.

Trump will sit with the opposition and smile, nod his head  and even say things like "take the guns and worry about the legality's later' he does that to get more out of the people hes talking with. he wont turn it into a pissing match, we all know you can't reason with a liberal. he gets them to open up to him by listening to there bull shit in a nice way, he tries to leave the meeting allowing the enemy to think they made ground with him on red flag gun laws, even the libtard media will chime in thinking the same thing, nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm sure he will. He said we need to do the due process later, after the guns are taken.

Right James that is closer to what he said. after that meeting he said something like guns are not the problem, people kill people not guns.

he decided mind altering drugs are part of the problem, opioids are the problem and other stuff yada yada


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