The timing of the release of Red Dawn, a remake of the 1984 film based on the invasion of the United States, right as the police state apparatus ostensibly creeps in under the corporate controlled media's radar is uncanny. Clearly there is a foreshadowing element to the release of this film that cinematically parallels the reality of the all enveloping militarized police state at the behest of offshore banking interests hell bent on the all out destruction and domination of America.

Despite the predictive programming aspects of this film that were likely intended to condition Americans to accept the inevitable future looming on the horizon, the spirit of liberty in the Red Dawn movie trailer can not be denied and remains strong. With quotes like, "We inherited our freedom, now it’s up to all of us to fight for it", and "I can't... yes you can. Just relax, and squeeze.", clearly director Dan Bradley and screenwriters Jeremy Passmore and Carl Ellsworth have tapped into the crucial elements of sustained liberty that compel us all to a new day in the face of a Red Dawn.


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Looks like more fear porn.

Looks like a hot movie.  The parachute scene captures the spontaneity of the situation.  In less than  5MINs, one can be completely enveloped by combat forces.

Yep, I will watch it when on blue ray.  I did not find the scene very realistic. The logistics of millions of Chinese crossing oceans by sea or air well, not happening unless they have shitloads more planes and ships then they have. 

Or, they bring all that they have, while ours are spread out across the globe robbing other nation's resources, er, um, I mean, defending our freedom, etc.

Still, logistically, impossible under the current situation, but a closer reality would be a threat from within, which would be capable of the exact same actions depicted in the movie, if they had the support of the government.

Either-way, by the time you hear a helo, there is less than 2 mins left, before you are faced with it's passengers.  What can you do within 2 mins?

How long does it take to begin relieving the pressure?  30 secs in boxer shorts & jungle boots / slippers? 15 Mins in full gear, ready to deploy?

Constant state of rediness is the movie's underlying theme.

Look at their trading ships, it's possible. And since a Russian Nuke Sub playing around for weeks in the Gulf, we'd probably not know we're hit til we are.

Yup, there IS a red dawn coming.......but i doubt it will be the Russians or the will be our own government..........i  agree with and understand your point of view patriot.........but, as for myself,  i am far from being a boot licker, or a nazi.........and i do not think it is THE PEOPLE , it are the ones we foolishly put in control..........and we ARE NOT sheeple, just very unorganized and not TEAM PLAYERS....and most are unwilling to believe the writing on the walls...... THAT is what will destroy us........many of us will die, but if that is what it takes, then so be it, THIS COUNTRY BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE NOT THE PHUCKING GOVERNMENT.......SEMPER FI......68-72

Looks like a good action flick, with a major touch of realism that the majority of sleeping America needs to see and hear! Just because the forces of tyranny are not Chineese yet, does not mean that the bad guys don't exist! And  Wade, just because you call me paranoid, doen't mean that you and they are not out to get me!

Remember folks, the Communist Left always attempts to demonize the opposition, if they don't have a real argument to counter reality, or are losing an argument! I have seen it over ad over, even here in AZ!

Communism is NOT about freedom of the individual. It IS about the tyranny of the collective! The ONLY good Communist is a DEAD one!

In the Spirit of ARIZONA,


Sic Semper Tyrannus!


IDK where your coming from, you sound a little crazy, but with that being said, post a link to your novels, I would like to read them.

Hey man I did not call you paranoid and I am not out to get you.  I do not think it is the Chinese we have worry about but much closer  to home.      

North Koreans successfully landing troops on our continent LMAO!! even with an EMP all the new planes would still work including the f-22, our missile systems would work as well both on land and our navy. Now NATO/UN attacking the US under the guise of martial law after an event... Yea lets trade those North Koreans for NATO and the rag tag hollywood bs team for Militias, small untrained rebel groups and anarchists/rioters and we have our selves realism.

Exactly!  Then again, if that were the plot....the movie wouldn't have been made.

TLS posted all I want to say...

It's the use of the Tec-9 in the final scene that makes me want to boot my monitor.


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