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  Posted by Mrs. Tif Morgan,

What does the Secret #ReleaseTheMemo Documents, have in it that they are so concerned about, seeing how the Memo Documents can not be shared yet, I can tell you what is in it. The FISA Court, was hacked. This is what is in The Secret FISA Court Memos.

 #ReleaseTheMemo Bank Records

 #ReleaseTheMemo GPS Tracking

 #ReleaseTheMemo Hollywood's Pedophilia Warrants

 #ReleaseTheMemo Government DNC and RNC Pedophilia Warrants

 #ReleaseTheMemo Facebook

 #ReleaseTheMemo Yahoo

 #ReleaseTheMemo Google

 #ReleaseTheMemo Foxfire / Firefox FinFisher GAMMA Connections

 #ReleaseTheMemo United Kingdoms Spy Files

 #ReleaseTheMemo Wikileaks Spy Files

 #ReleaseTheMemo Spying On President Trump

 #ReleaseTheMemo Fake Dosser Documents

 #ReleaseTheMemo Staged Fake Court Hearing on Russia, and covered up murders, plural more then 1 person dead in the Russian Dosser Scandal.

 #ReleaseTheMemo FBI and DOJ Cover Ups, connected to the FISA Courts, counter intelligence file sharing with the UK.

 #ReleaseTheMemo Obama connected to all of the above.

 #ReleaseTheMemo basic Amendments by FISA Courts to spy on all Americans.

 #ReleaseTheMemo Pdf links, all of them will be coming on line.


CNET Update - Uproar over PRISM government surveillance- YouTube

We Will Flash #ReleaseTheMemo Documents On Our Boobies

Have a nice day, LOL Tif

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That's why it's essential to use VPN, virtual private network. Your computer will be located in a different country with different IP address.

by Mr. Morgan,

According to the FISA Memos, of which most are so classified, it will take time to make them pretty, What is the Classified FISA Court Memos all about. The ACLU of which belongs to the George Soros Foundation, contacted British Intelligence, George Soros forgot the DC Leaks, where hackers busted him.

 With special editing and removing certain things for now, let me tell what the big US National Security is, The United Kingdom order a complete shut down against the release of The Memo. The British Empire was spying on President Trump. The British Empire placed Christopher Steele, into position to spy on Trump, then they got nifty and created the Dosser File.

 Seeing Is Believing, Snapshots....

  Even if I tried I could not make up this kind of stuff, the documents release by the DOJ and The State Department are in violation of the Magna Carta, well kiss my grits, I do not think Trump cares much for the UK trying to set him up with a lie.

 Christopher Steele, a British Spy, this is not his name, Christopher Steele, unless American Media wants people to believe that its like this, "Hi there I am Christopher Steele, A British Spy,.............

from England." !!!!!!!!!!

 Hello do you all think President Trump Is Dumb? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#ReleaseTheMemos Christopher Steele Robert Mueller FISA 'Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall

Robert Mueller Please Do Not Leave The Country, Cause You Knew, Twitters Back Door Policies, Like Da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coming Very Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"According to an article by UPI published on Oct. 23 2017 -- James Comey has been using an anonymous Twitter account, according to a journalist and friend of the former FBI director.

The Twitter account now goes by the name of @FormerBu after previously being called Reinhold Niebuhr."...





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