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Report: NSA XKeyscore program allows access to emails, chats without warrant

The National Security Agency is running a surveillance program, named XKeyscore, that allows intelligence analysts to search databases of people's email, online chats and browsing histories without prior authorization, The Guardian reported on Wednesday. 

Documents obtained by the newspaper from former government contractor Edward Snowden describe how analysts can obtain Internet data — including the content of email messages, Facebook chats, private messages and search histories — by filling out a simple on-screen form.



The form asks for a justification for conducting the search, but the online request is not reviewed by a court or other NSA personnel before it's processed, allowing analysts to target U.S. citizens for electronic surveillance without a warrant, the newspaper claims. 

In addition, the surveillance program allows analysts to access "ongoing" interception of a person's Internet activity in real-time.
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nsa whats that stand for national suck a++ers


Keep the intel coming as long as you can. This is an attack on what's left of our Freedoms and Liberties.....our Constitution. The American Cititzens are in great danger. This is an open door for massive illegal activity against All Patriots.

Unreal and unfair; to say the least.

 Direct and easily proven violation of constitutional rights. Thug control through the White House Lobotomy Patient in Chief is a threat long understood since the creeps loyal to the foreign invading entity have 'taken charge'. It is a pity that so many self-centered lazy-shooting-to-be-stupid Americans consider themselves breeding stock and have parasitically taken advantage of congress and a White House more intent on maintaining their position of control from their cushy offices than successfully managing the U.S. economy. We will never be free from Britannia's tyranny if we do not dump the Federal Reserve system. The corporate Food Stamp program, welfare, etc. is a real burden on the tax base when considered to be from 'the government' by recipients and enablers. NOTHING is from 'the government'. Honest hard working people carry Food Stamp and welfare people on their backs, just like they carry the NSA, CIA, DHS, TSA, and the rest of the malemployed and expensive. They don't produce squat. This is what young and fit welfare recipients have in common with congress. They only produce debt for song and dance rendered.

  In a few states, California for one, there are more people taking money from the tax base than there are contributing. 65%-35%. Yes, things are fine for the white collar invading entity and the leeches. Lady Liberty is being sucked dry, and many Americans should feel shame or go back to Europe to exercise their family traditions and suck off the pope or queen lizard instead of doing it from here.

  Dump the Fed or the country is history.

why just drop them charge em under rico laws they are the true gangsters.

confiscate everything they have pretrial that way they cant even defend themxelves

politicianxs need to realize the history of patriots.

when they try and lie and say they were votedin , 

people are going to realize it wasnt 51 to 49. it was more like 90 to 10.. then comes the tar and feathers

over 50 % understand kabuki theater and the other 45 % are learning. watch out 

We are in the last days - witness the blatant looting and pillaging of everything in America.



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