Laser weapons system

A laser weapons system that can shoot down two drones at a distance of over a mile has been demonstrated by Rheinmetall Defence.

The German defence firm used the high-energy laser equipment to shoot fast-moving drones at a distance.

The system, which uses two laser weapons, was also used to cut through a steel girder a kilometre away.

The company plans to make the laser weapons system mobile and to integrate automatic cannon.

The 50kW laser weapons system used radar and optical systems to detect and track two incoming drones, the company said. The nose-diving drones were flying at 50 metres per second, and were shot down when they reached a programmed fire sector.

The weapons system locked onto the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by using radar for a rough approximation of the location of the targets, then fine-tuned the tracking using an optical system.

The high-energy laser system was used to cut through a 15mm-thick steel girder, and to shoot out of the air a steel ball designed to mimic a mortar round.

The company has tested the laser system in a variety of weather conditions, including snow, sunlight, and rain.

Rheinmetall plans to test its laser weapons mounted on different vehicles and to integrate a 35mm revolver cannon into it.

High energy laser system

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Now your Talking Turkey.

If you can order one of these the Drone Problem over your neighborhood is fixed. Hide it in the garage or barn with a power - Sunroof. Your village or city council votes a No-Fly Zone - but first get Deputized by the Sheriff to carry (have a concealed weapon...) Then you and family or neighbors can sit in a control room and Laser away in between Live TV Updates just like in the Oval Office. Home Laser parties linked to other Social Networks to keep score.

Things are looking better with Tech developments to forestall government activities.

Can't order one - download the patent spec's

Now back down to earth

Why would a  Western country develop such a device when they all want to spy on Bad Guys?


Because like any good businessmen during a time of war, they sell to BOTH sides.  History is replete with examples of this.  Read "Trading With The Enemy" by Charles Higham (1983).  Among other things, the RAF was buying its avation fuel from IG Farben of Germany, the middle man being Standard Oil of NJ.

Also, GM was producing the Focke-Wulf FW 190 for the Luftwaffe during WW2, and was the fastest single engine warplane of any airforce.

With regard to this drone-killer - they should sell like hotcakes in the Middle East and Pakistan!



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