Think about the last 100-plus years.  From the Spanish American War to the War on Terror.  World Wars I & II; Korean & Vietnam Wars; The Cold War.  What's the common theme?  This PAX AMERICANA bullshit has screwed up the World long enough.  Why is the Defense Budget so large?  Do you think it is being spent on the brave men and women in uniform who serve and sacrifice?  America specializes in manufacturing war and weapons of war.  No matter what divides us, politically, socially or economically The War Machine gets its way.  And its not defense.  Its offense!  Step away from the T.V., radio, newspaper or what ever and THINK!  Put all the right/left, conservative/centrist/liberal stuff on hold and address the power of those who profit from war.  This stuff is completely out of hand.

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Well said.  The US has become the buggiest terrorist nation in the world and congress fails to stop it. 

In a speech on December 1, 2016, candidate Donald Trump said, “We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past.  We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments.  Our goal is stability not chaos. In our dealings with other countries we will seek shared interests where-ever possible and pursue a new era of peace understanding and goodwill.”

What happened?  Shortly after his election, he bombed Syria and sent an additional 20,000 troops to Afghanistan prolonging the longest war in US history.

Not only has he failed us, Congress also has also failed us in  shirking its duty under the War Powers Resolution of 1973 which  limits the President's power to commit to an armed conflict without the consent of Congress. It says that the President can only send armed forces abroad by a declaration of war by Congress, or when the U.S. is attacked.

If Congress had properly adhered to the War Powers Resolution, it may have resulted in stopping the U.S. from becoming one of the most feared nations in the world because of the bombing and destruction of other countries that have not attacked us.

The U.S. has even been caught funding terrorists and then saying that we need to go and bomb these terrorists.  The U.S. attempts to justify these attacks and regime changes by saying we are “spreading Democracy”, when in reality, countries like Libya and Syria already had democratically elected leaders.

It’s time we obey our existing laws and stop this uncivilized, costly and destructive meddling in other countries; just like Trump promised.



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