UK to exit EU if there is no reform – Cameron

Published: 23 January, 2013, 12:30

Britain will move to exit the EU if significant reforms are not made to the structure of the union, said UK Prime Minister David Cameron. He warned the organization was heading for a degree of integration "outside the UK’s comfort zone."

Cameron stressed the solution was to hold an "in-out referendum" on Britain’s membership of the body, but only after the EU had had a chance to remedy the financial crisis.

­“I don’t believe that to make a decision at this moment is the right way forward, either for Britain or for Europe as a whole,” said Cameron, assuring that he would hold the referendum in 2017 should he be re-elected in 2015.

“I say to the British people: this will be your decision. And when that choice comes, you will have an important choice to make about our country’s destiny,” stated the British Prime Minister. He added that “if we don’t address these challenges, the danger is that Europe will fail and the British people will drift towards the exit.”

The PM stressed there was widespread frustration with a “rigid and cumbersome” union that has cut living standards and enforced austerity throughout the continent. Cameron described an ever-widening gap between the citizens of Europe and an uncompromising leadership.

British support for the EU is currently “wafer-thin,” informed Cameron.


‘Fundamental, far-reaching change’

Championing a “practical” approach to EU policy, Cameron stated that competitiveness should lie at the heart of the EU in a push for “leaner, less bureaucratic union.”


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There are only 2 things the people of the UK can be sure of, that they will either face total control and subjugation by the unelected cabal in Brussels, or total control and subjugation by unelected 'leaders' like Gordon Brown and David Cameron (yes, NEITHER were elected by the British people) and the Mountbatten (Battenburg) - Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) who now evidently wish to come out of the shadows to present themselves as a power bloc through 'The Commonwealth' - AKA the reemergent British Empire, with the the new feudalism in the form of Agenda 21 and the neverending 'war on terror'.

A hint came in July 2010, when the Queen addressed the UN General Assembly. She said:

This September, leaders will meet to agree how to achieve the Millennium Development Goals when each nation will have its own distinctive contribution to make ... Since I addressed you last, the Commonwealth, too, has grown vigorously to become a group of nations representing nearly two billion people. It gives its whole-hearted support to the significant contributions to the peace and stability of the world made by the United Nations and its Agencies. Last November, when I opened the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Trinidad and Tobago, I told the delegates that the Commonwealth had the opportunity to lead. Today I offer you the same message.

Agreed! They only feed people half truths, enough to give them a sense of freedom. Lets face it each country stands better alone than in a fragile union based on lies, control, curruption and deceit.

Surprise surprise - Cameron anouncing that a referendum would be held if he is still PM in 5 years!!!

LOL, the MO of the elite never changes - its just another sleight-of-hand distraction.

The UK will have already lost its sovereignty to the EUSSR by this point or we will see a re-emergent monarchy take control of the UK, no doubt with the excuse that it is to maintain the union (of England/Wales/Scotland/NI) - its all over bar the screaming


"Destroying the New World Order"


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