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What the Hell is This? Syrian Chemical Weapons Lab Bombed. Check Out the Board of Directors.

13Buddha–Pulverized buildings were shown which are reportedly the remains of a research facility in Damascus after a cruise missile blitz. The article states that the RAF joined US and French forces in unleashing a “blitz on evil Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapon capabilities…”
Okay, so here we have “NTI Building a Safer World” with NTI’s primary biological weapons agent facility reportedly to be located at the Damascus-based Scientific Research Council. Here anthrax, cholera, and botulism are developed by the Biological Research Facility and produced. It is believed that all research, development, and production activities and facilities associated with the Biological Weapons program are under the direct control of the Centre D’Etude et Recherche Scientifique (CERS). On April 14, 2018, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that a CERS facility in Damascus had been potentially struck during US missile strikes on chemical weapons sites. Pentagon officials later reported that the facility had been destroyed. What in the hell is NTI all about???
Whatever NTI is, it is also located in Washington D.C. Its website says the following: “Every day, we work to prevent catastrophic attacks with weapons of mass destruction and disruption – nuclear, biological, radiological, chemical and cyber. Working with leaders, partners, and citizens around the world to develop policies to reduce reliance on nuclear wapons, prevent their use, and end them as a threat.”
Here’s the shocker – The Board of Directors include Ernest J. Moniz, Sam Nunn, Ted Turner, Des Browne, Joan Rohlfing, Ambassador Hamad Alkaabi, Alexy Arbatov, Charles A. Bowsher, Edmund G. Brown, Jr., Liru Cui, Rolf Ekeus, Gideon Frank, Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., and several more.
Its advisors include Warren E. Buffett, David A. Hamburg, and Siegfried S. Hecker. http://www.nti.org/about/board-and-advisors/
I can’t figure out exactly what NTI is or does, but something is very, very wrong.


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if a chemical weapons lab had actually been bombed in syria, there would be many reports of many syrian victims turning up in neighboring syrian hospitals - internet media would make sure of that.

Ain't that the truth but yet we are suppose to fall for it all, yet again. It has become quite apparent that our "burro"crats will ALWAYS take the path to war and it will only end when we stand up and say NO MORE in numbers that can not be ignored. Sad that protests like the pussy march can draw in tens of thousands yet important issues like stopping the war-mongering, demanding a stop to the corruption and the whole central banking cartel get a few people whining in comment sections and social media.

The author of this article screwed up royally...

NTI is an international think tank supposedly working towards nuclear and chemical disarmament. 

Founded in 2001 by former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn and philanthropist Ted Turner, NTI is guided by a prestigious, international board of directors and a high-level advisory board. Ernest J. Moniz is Chief Executive Officer, and Joan Rohlfing serves as President. We rely on the generosity of donors to support our work.

As an aside...

Sam Nunn (Democrat), along with 11 other senators met between 3 and 4 AM on August 4, 1990, with the opposition absent, and illegally passed S.B 2834, the Senate Intelligence Authorization Act - this legislation was a major factor in destroying the checks and balances of the Constitutional Republic.

It permitted the President to declare war without consulting Congress.

It prevented Congress from interfering in any 'covert activities' or 'covert action' approved by the President.

It also redefined these terms so vaguely that they could be applied to almost anything.

Funds authorized by Congress for a specific purpose, could be taken and redirected to fund 'covert activities'

National security directives prevent any Congressional oversight.

That was 1990, look where we are now...

Ted Turner...? Well...

Thank you for the info DTOM.  All of these reports out of Syria and this one saying a facility where "anthrax, cholera, and botulism are developed by the Biological Research Facility and produced" was bombed.  Sounds like that would be a serious issue.



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