Yahoo News: Substitute teacher taped spouting BIZARRE conspiracy theories in high school physics class

A student at a public, taxpayer-funded high school in Michigan has clandestinely filmed a substitute teacher preaching crazy conspiracy theories in front of a high school physics class last month.

Sources who wish to remain anonymous for fear of retribution from school officials have told The Daily Caller that the incident occurred on Jan. 16, 2013 at Grosse Pointe North High School in a ritzy suburb of Detroit, Mich.

They say the substitute teacher is Jason Glicker.

The reason for the regular teacher’s absence that day is unclear.

Initially, the student who recorded it on a cell phone set up the camera to show basically just the classroom ceiling.

As the clip begins, Glicker can be heard calmly discussing people who “worked for the ISI, which is Pakistan’s intelligence service.”

It becomes clear that the substitute teacher is discussing the September 11 terrorist attacks.

“The ISI is funded indirectly by the CIA so, whether they knew it or not, they were funding the terrorists,” he explains. Then: “One of the hijackers, Mohamed Atta, he was not a Muslim extremist because, (a) He’d been living here for years. He had an American girlfriend. He was supposedly addicted to cocaine.”

Glicker argues that Atta was “not a Muslim extremist” because “if you’re a Muslim fundamentalist, you know, you would stick to, you know, the laws of Islam.”

Next, a confused student asks why the September 11 terrorists killed themselves?

“That’s where it gets weird,” the physics sub cheerfully responds. “That’s where I think it’s somewhere along the lines of something like MKUltra where they’re, like, brainwashing these people.”

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Recording medical teachers is an idea. No sense when it comes to diet. Also interviewing hospitals and why they don't serve eatable food ... here there are mostly soda drinks and biscuits in reception. 

Crazy conspiracy theories, right? They mean the truth not accepted by the average tax slave.

"why the September 11 terrorists killed themselves?" Might have thought it was a drill and had the planes remote flown into the buildings. MK ultra? maybe. Truth is we'll prolly never know exactly what happened. That guy should have stuck to provable stuff. Never guess in front of new people only give facts that are solid.

Right, stick to facts.

Yes, put facts on a skeptics (=Zionists) forum and watch their frustration

Did you guys see the comments on their article lol? The truth is more popular than ever :) Quite a shift from just a couple years ago. Exciting times indeed.

none of the people died they are still living around the world an if you don't know about mk ultra its a cia mind program.



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