Freedom of Information Gone Wrong...U.K Government Allow Electoral Roll Data and House Ownership,Mortgage Lender Details To Be Sold And Accessed Without UK Citizen's Authorization...

Government Allow Electoral Roll Data and House Ownership,Mortgage Lender Details To Be Accessed Without UK Citizen's Authorization...

Many people might be aware that you can access details of a U.K citizen's address via the website who obtain the information without your knowledge from the UK electoral registry roll...but many do not know, and most would be very worried that our information is so freely available. And your details are added from the electoral roll automatically, unless you noticed the little tick box to opt out when receiving your annual electoral roll application.

Personally I have not been made aware of this until now, and freedom of information should not include allowing companes or the Government to sell your data or make it available without your express permission. Lawsuit anyone ??? -

Above is the link to search.  I tried to search my name on Ubuntu,Linux and a list appeared- however, when I tried to find my name on using Windows 7 no list was given. It might be a security flaw in the website that allows a Linux terminal to access the site without being logged in. I was using Firefox on both PC's at the time.

Try this (not sure if it works outside of Britain) :-  type 'John Smith address' into Google ( I was using Firefox) on a Ubuntu terminal. look for the search result that links to '' .  You should have access to the results without registration. But on Windows 7 it didn't show the results on, so I assume it's an Ubuntu security flaw on the website.

Below is the link to the explanation of how they obtain your details.

And below is the link explaining that Govt supply your mortgage lender details and price you paid on your home, and how our data is freely available on the web.

Learning that our house prices and mortgage lenders and homeowner details can be bought for £4 by anybody is essentially as bad because a criminal could bribe to get details such as an address, or a fraudulant advertizing network could buy the information these days...


This is a security threat to the people of the United Kingdom, which Government know about and allow to happen. In today's World of cyber-crime, Government spies, criminal scammers and gangs, why in God's name is the British Government so stupid to allow this freedom to access our information, and who gives them the right to make money from selling data to companies anyway, especially without our knowledge ???

If you read the article at , then you will learn just how many ways the data can be exploited, with examples of serious security breaches and possible threats. Do you want a foreign Govt to have lists of UK citizens homes and house prices which then can be sold onto any agency or crime syndicate?

Think it's time to end this security flaw in our data protection...Freedom of information should not mean you can find someone's house by entering their name in an internet search engine. Remember that Ubuntu can access the site, but I had no instant access when using Windows 7.  Thought you might find this interesting.

Why would the U.K Government allow such a security flaw in Ubuntu to exist- unless the public are the bait (criminals would easily use the site, or even terrorists could find someone- then the 'Intelligence' Dept claims a victory when they 'thwart' the terrorist plan to attack British people.  Personally I don't want to think the British public are worms on the end of hooks.

The sites could also be accessed by Police, to find who lives where, which houses you own, which bank gave you the mortgage etc...without Police needing to get a Court order to reveal the details or without visiting the person or property. Freedom of information is one thing, but if someone is requesting my address and mortgage details, I want to be informed whether I want to submit that information first...

Many people think they are anonymous when they are not listed in a telephone book- but if people don't know about the electoral roll 'opt out' option which removes your listing from then anyone can find you...

Again, what gives the Government the right to allow this, and what gives Government the right to sell your mortgage lender details onto anyone without your express permission- especially as these online public address listings are affiliated with advertizing companies...The site in question has a privacy clause which states that their own employees and affiliated processing companies can access your information without your permission. The privacy clause also states that they will contact you if a third party requests your information- but don't tell you how they will contact you if you are not registered on the site. It seems only registered users of get contacted when a third party requests information...

It's a case of Privacy Vs Government Piracy. We're all for sale, whether we like it or not, and Govt are cashing in on the unsuspecting....

Mr Russell S.Wyllie of

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This is essentially Government making people bait for criminals...


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