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Occupy The Petrol Stations: - (World at the whim of a madman)


A dark look at the World today, how life has become the hyper-active bowl of chaos, and how the idea of 'Occupy The Petrol Stations' could be a real life-saver...believe it, or not.

The World is increasing in pace, and with it comes chaos, panic, fear, paranoia and revolution.
But with so many campaigns for justice, human rights movements and stop the war protests, where does the road actually end?

Is a utopia possible? Not a chance in hell. The fight goes on, day by day.
The people become more intelligent and aware of the World at war, the World in recession, the World of politics and business. But how can the World reduce the chaos, panic, fear and paranoia?

Firstly, the pace of the World has to be slowed down- and one ingenius idea that would help to achieve that goal would be to prevent petrol stations from pumping gas- or even stopping refineries from operating at full capacity.  The greedy demand for oil and fuel actually outweighs the necessity for oil and petrol- people have such a busy schedule from week-to-week that rarely does anyone realize that they are racing ahead without a care.  You have to stop yourself from getting caught up in the mode of thinking where you are constantly telling yourselves to do more with your life.

If you are a successful person, then why do you still strive for more money, a bigger house or a seat on the board of directors?
Because greed took over you a long time ago, and without a full plate you feel other words you are so accustomed to being hyperactive that you constantly feel as though you have to do something to achieve even more...

But wait- there is a solution.  Tell yourself to go for a walk to buy your cigarettes instead of driving there.
Call up your doctor or write a letter to your doctor, explaining that you are too stressed and worn out to visit, and could a sick note be prepared for you just this once...also include a self-addressed envelope and request that your sick note be sent to you. If your doctor agrees to send you your sick note just once, then you get a few days off work...and won't have to use your goddam cars quite so often.

Another solution is to ride a bicycle to buy your cigarettes or to visit your doctor...and tell your doctor that you rode to the surgery and are feeling unwell...get a sick note and take a few days off work.

Another solution would be just as effective... OCCUPY THE PETROL STATIONS...

Wars in the Middle East are mostly over oil and gas, and the control of oil and gas.
We cannot stop wars because we are not physically able to prevent the politics and business that war provides.
But we can Occupy The Petrol Stations- not 100% of all petrol stations every day, but sporadically, one-by-one, disrupting the flow of fuels to the zombie customers, who are basically sick and tired of the usual routine.

I have never driven a car- yet I exist. I thrive on information, not money. I don't strive for loads of cash. I am not filled wih the desire to be as rich as I can possibly be. That is not me.
And it shouldn't have to be you either.  You do have a choice, even if at first it scares you.
You can choose to not be a working-class zombie- but even freedom is something that you will be fighting for.
Instead of a big house you might have a small flat, a friendly cat or dog and a small car and a bicycle...
You could grow some tomatoes, potatoes, keep omlettes every day of the week !

That could be you.  Perhaps you don't have much choice but to carry on with your daily routine of work, home,sleep,work,home,sleep...etc.  Perhaps you would be grateful if just for one day you could telephone your boss and say ' Cannot make it into work today Boss, the petrol station has been occupied'

Across the World the Occupy movement suddenly decides that Occupying The Petrol Stations is a fantastic idea to slow down the World just a little bit, bring the blood-for-oil profiteers to their knees for one day, wiping billions off oil shares Worldwide.
Over the course of a year billions of gallons of petrol would have been prevented from being simply sucked up by greedy engines carting greedy drivers to their pointless destinations.

Fat cats will suddenly find themselves without petrol and will miss their important committee board of director's meetings..
Stock market number crunchers will panic as they imagine a million-dollar bonus disappearing as they sit in their houses, unable to get petrol for their greedy cars. Remember 'peak oil' a few years ago?

Gradually, people will realize that the World has reached terminal velocity of hyper-activity, frantic political infighting, a bureaucratic butchery of warfare, and 100mph business-deals- and will realize that if the World doesn't slow down...then panic, chaos, fear and paranoia take over- wars break out and the oil and war profiteers rub their hands in glee, knowing their plans defeated humanity yet again.

Maybe Sunday drivers should be banned- to conserve fuel.
Maybe the pay-by-the-mile driving tax really is a good idea - to conserve fuel.
Occupy The Petrol Stations, help reduce the greedy consumption of fuel before the pay-by-mile driving tax is introduced...
Whichever way you look at it, the World really has reached the end of the road...and has continued down a slippery dirt and mud track, sliding around, hitting the edges, throwing mud and dirt at travellers behind...

One by one, people following each other into slime and dirt, mucking up each other's vision of a clear road in the distance... the road that is clean, stable and easier to drive on.
Metaphors can explain a lot, but still do not offer a solution.
Perhaps there is no real one-way solution, no one-way street that leads to a utopia.
But by being more aware of what the World has become in the last 50 years, you will realize that greed is the number one factor that holds humanity to ransom.

Occupy The Petrol Stations- stop the flow of petrol and oil, stop the blood-for-oil profiteers, the war profiteers, stop youself from going down that slimy and dirty road that leads to panic and chaos.
Slow the pace of your life down and sit quietly for a few minutes a day if you can.
Oil is the key to nearly everything on Earth that we possess and utilize.
If occupying petrol stations slows down the use of fuel, then perhaps the World will learn something new, learn another way to live?  Do politicians and the business-elite really 'own' us?

Perhaps we can learn to live our lives without being slaves to the whim of a bunch of madmen in suits?

Russell S.Wyllie of

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