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I was reading an article on Guantanamo Bay, which highlighted the fact that the Guantanamo detention centre still houses 'terror suspects/enemy combatants, and remains open despite the ongoing battle to shut it down. This was my response to the article:-

Stop the war first- and then the inhumane imprisonment of prisoners in Guantanamo will have to end.
However, Guantanamo is just one detention centre- there are others such as the Bagram Theater Internment Facility Charikar in Parvan, Afghanistan where torture also took place.

According to this report from February 2013, 54 countries took part in aiding secret CIA prisons:-

CIA prisons were found in Bucharest, Romania, according to the BBC in late 2011:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-16093106

In this report 20 people are noted as 'missing' from CIA detention centres:- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/13/cia-prisoners-missing-blac...

By now we can deduct that if you are an 'enemy combatant' and just happen to be picked up by U.S troops somewhere-even in your own country, then kiss goodbye to the rights you had in your country, your right to a lawyer or a fair trial, the right to humane treatment...
Perhaps we should go back to the drawing board and raise the fact that no country should have legal precedent over another country, and that American Government and U.S laws should only apply to people in the U.S.
Too much power has been assumed (not given) in America. Just because the U.S is the most violent and forcefully dominant country in the World does not give the U.S Government a free ticket to ride shotgun over any nation it chooses.

It's really great not living in America, because I can say what I feel without fear of the S.S turning up at my house- and also so I can put it bluntly. The World outside of America thinks virtually nothing good of America's Government, and believes that we are in an era of new fascism. Unlawful and inhumane detention centres are just proof that America's Govt has no self-control nor true morality of human rights. The World has really not become a safer place in the last 10 years. The majority of Muslims have not been 'freed'- and the radical Islam element has been manufactured by U.S war provocation, which only creates more political manoeuvering towards more war, and people of the Mid-East mainly recognize what the U.S can do when it is unconstrained.

People of the Mid-East don't want their dictatorships to be replaced by U.S military occupation. Perhaps America has set a really bad example in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan? Muslims might have been able to peacefully change their own Governments in the natural course of time, but have been forced into civil uprisings, many hoping that the U.S would free them, but realizing quickly that they have become a resistance- doing the bidding of the Bush's, Rumsfelds and Cheney's of the political and business world, and fighting alone in many cases such as in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, where the U.S and the West are clearly absent from intervening or supporting uprisings...

Which angle would Muslims rather choose- being hooded and shackled or being used to fight their own leaderships? Why should America force the Mid-East to make such a dangerous choice?

Except in Syria, where the U.S has openly chosen on behalf of Syria to support specific 'Al-Qaeda-style' groups, similar to the support the U.S gave for both Iran and Iraq, which merely helped create a war in those regions thirty five years ago...Both Iranians and Iraqis were aided and controlled by the U.S. to eventually attack each other- millions died without the U.S having to fire a single shot...

Today Iraq is mostly a wreck. Iran is refusing to talk. So the U.S Govt instead are building up South Korea and focusing on North Korea's naughty antics. Perhaps we'll see some N.Korean Govt officials in orange jumpsuits soon?
Perhaps the U.S should just go back home and rebuild their own nation and stay in their own nation for the next 10 years, so the World can rebuild itself and perhaps one day might even have 1 percent trust in America again?

The World cannot accept being one great big U.S detention centre- that's what the Nazis were aiming for.

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