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U.S President Obama was attacked and destroyed almost from the very start of his time in the Whitehouse. The media and President Obama's haters have built such an intense online hate trail that he knows the number of votes are swinging to the Republicans. Perhaps President Obama feels like giving up- because every time the Democrats tried anything, the Republicans refused to vote for virtually all policy ideas- deliberately to make it look like that Democrats can't get policies passed- which only makes for desperate Americans who seek real change in America's political system.

Democrats are more modern and fresh- but the old fashioned side of politics don't want a modern American World, but to remain in the past. This is the era of online armchair critics- who in their millions have researched for any dirt on President Obama long before he became President, and when President Obama took office he was met with the barrage of the new online armchair critics, which no other President or political party faced before...for example the movies 'The Obama Deception' and 'Fall of The Republic' were released to coincide with President Obama's first few footsteps in the Whitehouse- President George W. Bush never got the welcoming hate movie treatment and scale of online hate and anger when he took office. It will be interesting to see what happens in the World of online political dissent should it be a Republican President who gets into Office.

Online critics are able to create an aura of hate VERY quickly. America's blogs are full of political haters, and the online armchair critics have ripped trust out of politics with their online blogs & posts. America should have focused on their problems and urged President Obama to fix them rather than spew hate and anger at him, and the future of political dissent looks to have no specific direction, but the internet is fast becoming bogged down with hate remarks, blame and anger at specific politicians, leaders in the financial field and other famous people.

U.S Government and the U.K Government has a system where you can send a message through their message box, which gives you the option to choose a subject from a drop-down list, and that is quite a good idea- but people tend to write their best ideas in online newspaper comment boxes, and that is mostly wasting time because the online news recipient doesn't forward the ideas to Government, but just checks them for bad language or personal attacks- apart from Youtube which seems to allow the hate, anger, insults and threats to go onto videos comment boxes unchecked.
What needs to be created is a new Government ideas website- call it something like 'OCAD- Online Critic Access Department' where all messages which are constructive and clever can be streamlined into categories to be delivered to individual Government departments. Perhaps that's what Government actually do with emails- but not quite so effeciently?
A campaign could be run by Government to urge and encourage thinking people to send their ideas to 'OCAD' addresses in their own State, and the ideas could be sorted out, and real progress could be made. (no swearing, no insults, no racism, no hate allowed please !)

My own online posts are 99 percent constructive and I always try to find answers and solutions to problems. I don't just post something and leave it- I generally write a multi-page article, expanding on my ideas, and upload that to my articles page on http://12160.info/group/EliteImperialists.  As the title suggests, I focus a lot on the hierarchy of the World, delving into Government, warfare, economy, empires, United Nations, climate change- everything that I can find ideas and solutions for. Luckily I have never been employed in the field of journalism, which has meant I can write whatever I want when I see it necessary, rather than be put in one department or have regulations and editors breathing down my neck !

Whichever way you see the World, you can do better than rant and rave in a few sentences about specific leaders and their failures. If you could look at how many times you have offered creative and constructive ideas to Government departments, I bet you have rarely done that- if ever. At the very least start your own blog page and upload your ideas to that, so you can check back on your progress and add new stuff. I admit I can be repetitive, but try to add or expand my ideas by first looking at my existing articles I write and avoid being an insulting writer.

Remember- don't use the internet to throw insults or to point out what hasn't been done by Government, but try to send a solution that is relatively easy to implement. If more people supply clever articles for people to read, that is what makes the difference, and teaches others to use their head properly, rather than just jumping on the insult bandwagon...I have started posting articles to http://readersupportednews.com - created by Marc Ash from Truthout, which is a good alternative citizen journal site that does not allow any attacking or rude comments on articles.

People might have noticed that I write a lot about America- although I am British, and the answer is that America is involved so much in Government policy across the World, and there is probably not a country on Earth that isn't affected, angered or inspired by American politics- and from following the American political system I can draw comparisons to my own Government strategy and policy. I get a lot of good response from most people, and get a lot of ideas from other people's comments and articles. I even dare to read mainstream news articles ! I guess that makes me more informed than many who only stick to alternative news and views. You do have to be more aware of what the mainstream news is saying, because you'll notice a lot of World events happening that you can write about, oppose or support. In stark contrast are those who only stick with mainstream news, and who don't realize that the online social media sites and alternative writers have a very strong platform and following who are changing the face of politics and public opinion with their views.

Just try and keep it clean- don't make it too obscene, or you'll end up in trouble !!!
And no, I don't have an ounce of hate for President Obama- he is a President with his hands tied so tight that he can't untie the knot in his shoes...

Russell S.Wyllie of http://Youtube.com/GlobalPrison , http://Youtube.com/RealClimateNews , http://facebook.com/groups/beforeyouconsiderarmyrecruitmentconsider... , http://12160.info/group/EliteImperialists , http://twitter.com/politicalvideos

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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...


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