Britain's economy is in real trouble. Things are getting tighter, the U.K budget falls short of being able to cope with the country's needs. European Parliament now makes a bulk of Britain's laws, and the U.K is backed into a corner by E.U Laws.  Now Britain is faced with a £10 Billion cut to social security welfare, announced in October 2012 by George Osbourne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Head of U.K Treasury Department).

The situation has become so bad that cancer sufferers, those with multiple sclerosis, dementia and Parkinson's disease in the U.K are now finding it VERY difficult to receive welfare benefits.
Caring for the disabled, sick and vulnerable is a most important part of being a human being, but Government has made it very difficult for seriously ill people to get a welfare benefit.

The previous Labour Government of the U.K before the David Cameron Conservative Government introduced a new medical examination system to assess sick people for benefits- they hired a French firm called 'ATOS Healthcare' to carry out the assessments for disability and sickness welfare claimants, which is done each year.
You would think that having cancer or any serious illness would entitle you automatically to a benefit if you are on already on a low income- but not in Britain. 

The medical assessment is carried out each year, and over half of claimants are cut off benefits, regardless of their illness.  The claimant has to appeal against the decision, and face a committee called 'the Tribunals', which are part of the HM Courts system. The appeal process can take up to 6 months, and people who appeal get a reduced benefit payment until they win their decision.
If they lose their case then they have to appeal to the Upper Tribunal- and if they lose that appeal it has to go to a High Court, Supreme Court or even the European Parliament.  People rarely get past the Upper Tribunal in terms of winning an appeal.

But there is a much bigger picture to all of this. I started with the welfare crisis in Britain because of the impact it has on low-income families and people who have serious illnesses as an example of Government failure and betrayal.
The real problem lies deep in the tax system. The U.K has been held to hostage by the financial city of London who threatened to move their firms overseas if bonuses were capped...and other London firms threatened to move overseas if immigration was capped... (see links below).

Now Britain has 370 000 migrants who claim U.K welfare benefits, primarily who arrived on work visas, student visas and holiday visas...(see link below).

British citizens and even migrants who all claim benefits are facing huge welfare cuts totalling at least £10 Billion- some say as high as nearly £20 Billion each year.

How can Government held hostage by fat-cats in the financial sector of London hope to get the funds needed to boost the budget?  Nearly £70 Billion pounds are lost through tax evasion each year, and U.K Government can do virtually NOTHING to stop it. (see link below).

Search the internet for these facts I list, if you are unaware or don't believe me- it's all true.  Previous Governments are to blame for the economic mess, not the people, be it citizens or migrants- the fatcats really have the upper hand over Britain.

The blame game circulating around British society is not being squarely aimed at the £25 Billion being lost each year through tax havens- and British people instead take sides- with some blaming only immigration, some blaming people who claim benefits unfairly, some aim the blame at defense spending...but the conversation has drifted away from the 'banksters', and the financial elite who rake in hundreds of billions of pounds each year and pay little or no tax or who use the tax havens to extract the wealth from Britain slowly each year.

Britain really needs to get a grip of the facts- Britain's economy is in dire straits because over the next few years there will be many more hundreds of billions of pounds lost through the tax havens, taken away from Britain, which will only hurt the smaller wage earners as taxes rise to compensate for the nations GDP losses.

So if you are living in Britain, and still in the dark, turn on the what I am saying in this article until you know it backwards. The country of Britain has been pushed into the corner by fatcat elites, E.U Laws, tax loopholes- and Britain's politicians are not able to do much at all to tackle the big players, the elite who really run Britain's economy to work for them, and who rarely give back the much needed funds to build Britain back up, so that seriously ill welfare claimants are not attacked by Government spending cuts, so that small businesses can be supported, so that wages can increase.

Britain is just one country, and I pointed out a lot of problems that Britain faces.But the problem of elite control over wealth is Worldwide. This next link takes you to the dedicated website which calculates the amount of money lost across the World in all countries, where the financial elites steal as much money as possible in their 'trading games'-

$3.1 Trillion is lost through tax evasion each year- download the .pdf here for a country-by-country list of the amounts lost to their economies:-

Trillions more is lost through tax haven banking and illegal activities. Crime syndicates account for a lot of that money.. be it drug cartels or other criminal parties.  But the biggest mess is caused by many big corporations who pay little or no tax, and it's never the average wage earner who is to blame, nor the welfare claimants or lesser-paid public sector workers.
The blame, as always, lies within the circle of the elite. Find out more for youself, educate yourself more and more until you know this backwards. Governments cannot create a utopic economy because the circle of the business elite control politicians and people, and the problems we face from day-to-day lies within and is controlled by the elite power structure.

Many of us know- many do not. And those who know the least often get hurt the most when they worked so hard to earn so little just to see the elite take so much away from their pocket, their country and economy.
People across the World had best wake up to the fact that the World is in the grip of the greedy elite, and no politician can rescue them- only the people can truly fight back.
End of lesson.

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