Throughout much of our lives we are exposed to the good things and the bad things.Most people choose the good in life, and from them come good things which help others to achieve good things. But 'modern' society is now split in opinion between what is good or acceptable. Ignorance is a bad thing.
Some people are happier to exist in ignorance. You might have heard of the saying 'Ignorance is bliss...'

If you choose to totally ignore the World around you, then you are not part of a one World, but existing in your own little corner in the dark. It might be your choice, but you cannot expect a vast majority of people to accept your dark little corner. Most people are more awake and informed about their World, and do not hide behind fear, nor pander to other people's expectations.
There is another section of society which have become the 'ruling class'- the political or ideological leaders, business tycoons and the wealthy who build their own circles of power. Some of the 'elite' are not the ruthless types, and generally do offer charitable assistance to others, or invest in charitable ideas.

In big business there is the competition of being the biggest earners. The markets of shares and financial elite were not satisfied with profits and bonuses being ten times that of an average wage earner. Today you hear of CEO's earning 100 times more than that. CEO's will justify their 'earnings' as being hard-worked for, and care little about the impression that they leave behind. People are not impressed. People are getting as mad as hell, and if you haven't observed the news reports over the last few years, people have been resisting violently against wealthy oligarchs, rich corrupt dictatorships and those sorts. People will not accept the inequality anymore.

Ukraine is the latest country where the people have suddenly snapped. Ukrainians decided that oligarchial wealth is not acceptable for them, and the people want the chance to improve their lives with the European Union trade deal, because although the European Union might not guarantee success and equality, Ukrainians want that option to improve their chance at life, and would not back down. Every country has their problems and flaws, but people will not accept the darkness which narrow-minded greedy oligarchs cling to as they witness the circles of wealthy increase. Most people would not deny a person's chance at becoming wealthy enough to live a good life without financial stress, but increasingly we see the few people taking tens of millions and billions out of the World. The wage gap is well beyond a joke, and we will see more Ukraine-style uprisings in the near future.

We can conclude that the World is at it's darkest hour, caught between morality and the elite, between fairness and a well-organized criminal syndicate of oligarchial-types in politics or business. The majority of people believe in the equal fair chance, but there are so many who prefer the ignorance over unity- and unification of people in any country is the most important path to success. Slowly but surely the people of countries in political or economic crisis are rising above the darkness which the elite want the people to reside.
Confrontation is the last resort, and hopefully Governments across the World are learning that they cannot defeat a whole nation of people, and hopefully factional leaders will realize that the lack of unity is what keeps the country split up, and attempt the more modern diplomatic approach to building their countries without prejudice or segregation of the people. People do not need to be set against each other, because diplomacy can sort out the problems before a bullet is fired. Not all revolutionary struggles will succeed, but the majority of revolutions at least give the majority of people a better chance in the future. It is sad to see the loss of life through revolution, but somehow we know that to not oppose the corruption would only allow the greater rise of inequality, and a furthur and potentially greater loss of life.

Do not accept the darkness that seeks to absorb the wealth of the World. Do not accept the specific elite ruling class who aim to control and oppress. Do not simply pray for a change to come, but become part of the more modern movement- the current awakening of people across the World. The old fashioned archaic past ideologies will change in time with a little push- or perhaps a bigger push, when required. Do not sit in a dark corner, ignoring the plight of people who fight in their own countries for a fair and humane life. If you totally disagree with revolution, it is probably becasue you live in a country where the problems are not quite as bad, and you just don't understand or care that people fight for a more fair and humane life- for their children and their future.

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