World War 3- The Right To Choose Westernized Dominance, Ideologies or Freedom...

Christianity and Westernization have been a force that has been corrupted and has dominated politics for too long. This article underlines the popular understanding of how Christianity and Westernization has quashed many nations.  and in recent months particularly Iran.  People need to turn away from the dominant Christian/Westernized-founded news networks and consider just how much power and influence/ability to control opinions that the Westernized monopoly of media outlets have in today's World.

Modern civilization has brought with it technology that has been discovered and utilized to change our lives through the last few decades. We live in a computer-driven nightmare of data, electronic devices and electric appliances. Modern technology has almost conquered the human mind- where once we could choose our own paths and make our own decisions and shape our own minds, now we are subjected to, and many depend upon electronic devices to dictate to us our daily lives. Our clock radio and wristwatch alarms wake us up, our radios and televisions tell us what is going on around the World, our vehicles take us to our place of work, and most places of work in today's World require computers to keep things ticking along in a repetitive manner, day after day and week after week.

The greatest tool a person could have today would be a laptop computer, with which you can write articles like this article  you now read, or speak to somebody via Skype or similar communication software, watch television programmes and surf the internet to read news articles, buy and sell goods that we need, organize events and generally start a revolution in the corner of your own house- or use 3G USB devices to connect to satellite and start a revolution from a cave or in the middle of a desert.

But what we don't need is to be forced into a frame of mind by one singular person, Government or ideology. We always should have the right to choose, and to close the door on those that want to shape our minds to take sides with their belief,  Government or ideology. And in today's World we have to accept that we are indeed in a new battle, the new World War, which is not only being fought over resources, religion and ideology, but is a war that takes place in your mind.

It is true, and you cannot argue that America and allies of America have more control over people's minds and lives than any ideology, religion or Government. Our lives are bombarded with rhetoric from the modern and hasty Westernized World of Europe and America, which has tried to occupy many nations in history- from the British Empire to The Nazis to current day American militarization of the World. You should be aware that spreading Westernization in history has caused over a hundred million deaths, and those who died were merely pawns who fought for their own ideologies- but in the end were only fighting those who opposed or who differed. Wars are really pointless, because we all want to choose our own path, and no matter how hard an army tries to change your belief, they cannot occupy your determination, which defeats enforced ideology every time.

America's long-term war with Islamic factions in the Middle East has only underlined the fact that people will not accept their lives being dictated to, nor will America succeed in occupying regions of the World to become the New World Empire- or New World Order, because the traditions and beliefs of people across the World are older than America itself, and are not to be changed by weapons and threats. Israel is a big threat to World peace, and America's Government should quickly silence the likes of Netanyahu and the so-called 'zionists' who are merely extremists who want to expand and conquer the minds of people in their own country, and to elevate themselves to a position of power that will surely destroy Israel. People live in fear of zionism within Israel itself, because Israelis are also in tune with the real World- but are under attack by the forces within media and Government who want to promote war against Iran, and then would expand their wars to neighbouring Middle East countries. Unfortunately there is huge support for Israel within America, from the likes of AIPAC and other think tanks such as the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) who are constantly pushing ideas and solutions to start wars in the Middle East, and who get a lot of financial and diplomatic backing from American pro-Israeli Government officials and American business circles.

Many Christian people in America are also in support of Israel, mainly from a religious point of view- which is an example of religious ideology versus the right to choose. The reason why I point out the Israel-Christian ideological link is because the Westernized world has always been dominantly Christian and has always played the religious ideological card- and the simple fact that the military, Government, business and media power has always been in the Christian corner, and has been used to bully other nations for a very long time. But this ideology of Christian dominance surely is at a crossroads, where other nations and religions do not want to be bullied, changed or encroached upon by the Christian armies for more years to come. The Westernized world has controlled people's minds for far too long, and has pushed Westernized ideology into regions of the World where it is rarely wanted. If anything, the ideological battle that Westernized Christian armies have enforced has only created more pockets of resistance and anger, particularly in the Arab World, and the Islamic factions have become more violent and more determined to travel southwards through African nations, and have slowly brought more radical and violent versions of Islam into many African nations. However, those factions are few in numbers and cannot become the dominant ideology because people have chosen different lives, different ideologies and different Governments.

World War 3 is with us. It is not so obvious to the majority because the majority of people in America only watch and listen to the mainstream news, or listen to their own politicians argue about earnings and taxes. Similarly, most European nations only follow their own news networks and their own Government information- also known as propaganda. Some of the best networks where you can learn far more about the World are:- Russia Today, Al Jazeera English, Press TV and other independent networks like, or simply on Youtube, where the bulk of the World's news reports are uploaded from people across the World. If you only follow one network, then you really are missing the point of information gathering, and one network will not be able to inform you or teach you enough about the World today.  But if you are a true information seeker, then you will know that today's world is a world at war, with the dominant media circles being the Westernized news networks who mainly broadcast Christian ideological Government propaganda.

The point of this article is to hopefully piece together the information that you already know, and to underline the fact that World War 3 is actually a battle for all people to free themselves from their own Government propaganda, their own narrow-minded or biased Government news networks, and to choose to be free from ideology and dictatorship. Western Governments should never have the ability to silence other nations news networks, because other nations are less powerful and cannot do the same. In particular Press TV has been silenced many times, in America, Britain and in Germany. Press TV is the Iranian English network with some of the best documentaries and reporting that you will ever find, but the circle of Western powers are attempting to shut down Iran's opinion and reporting, to make you forget or to not be able to hear the Iranian opinion and point of view. The silencing of Iran's broadcasts in my opinion is nothing more than dictatorship and an act of terrorism. People in Iran are not being heard- and if bombs fall on Iran, then many countries will probably not be able to see Press TV coverage of the attacks, nor will we see innocent Iranian people who are injured and killed by attacks. That is the censorship that the American, British and German dictatorship wants, so that you won't oppose the murder of Iranians or the destruction of homes and cities and nuclear power facilities across Iran.

We have already been brainwashed by the Westernized media that if the Christian/Westernized Governments can't dictate their ideologies to other nations like Iran, then war is the only answer and way to implement Westernized ideology. But I and many millions of people across the World of all faiths, religions and beliefs will not let our minds and souls to be occupied by the one ideology that has dominated over the planet for centuries- the Christian ideology of Governance. A country like Israel has been able to ride piggyback on America because of the religious ideology that Americans and Europeans have been brainwashed into accepting. Similarly, the spread of small factions of radical violent Islam is the same as the spread of Christianity centuries ago, and people in today's World need neither- but the countries which are afflcited by war and religious-based violence should be able to choose.  There needs to be a balance of opinion, which means all nations get the chance to choose their own destiny, and if America and Britain are the only two major nations with control over your mind then you will only end up a product of their propaganda.

I wish I could say that the destiny of your choice is entirely yours, but unfortunately your choices are being taken away, and your mind is being occupied by the dominant broadcasts of the Christian Westernized Governments and their media. Feel sorry for the Iranians, who are being punished by America's Government with economic sanctions which will cripple the Iranian economy- and all because of accusations that Iran might be manufacturing nuclear weapons- which cannot be proven, which their is no concrete evidence of, and which America has convinced the United Nations of.

Iran's freedom of speech, freedom to supply information and freedom to operate as a normal economy has been taken away by America, which underlines what real American dictatorship and ideology can do to bully other nations and to silence and quash other nations should America want to. And who can fight back against such a powerful nation like America. Only you the reader can realize the extent of power and influence that American Government, media and business-circles can do to become the strongest dictatorship in the World. The new Nazis. The new war for your mind.

Russell S.Wyllie of
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