SIRIUS: from Dr. Steven Greer - Original Full-Length Documentary Film

The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. They use energy propulsion systems that can bring us to a new era. Humans have also developed these systems, but those in power have suppressed them in order to keep us at the mercy of fossil fuels. It is time for you to know…and this documentary will let you in. Please enjoy “Sirius” for FREE and share with your friends and family.

AND … if you are as passionate about disclosure as we are, please consider supporting our next documentary entitled "Unacknowledged : An Expose of the Greatest Secret in Human History" . . . as Dr. Steven Greer, the father of the Global Disclosure Movement, is thrilled to announce the ultimate campaign that ends illegal UFO and Free Energy Technology secrecy once and for all and embraces the beginning of a new civilization on Earth.

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The money power usury cabal does its utmost to perpetuate these psychopathic kleptocracies they have set up with their money/debt scam. We may physically be slaves of the sick system but our minds can be free. That is a beginning.

And I suggest that when enough of Us are working for and consenting to a better way of doing things, We WILL create better here, and They (the psychopaths presently in control) will have no power, and We, Humanity, will be free.

Yes, a beautiful end.

That is My goal.  [smile]

Greer denies that negative entities exist - despite the vast number of experiencers who say otherwise.

Can we even be sure these are indeed ETs, and not beings from our own world or another dimension,  or something else entirely, that is not a 'nuts and bolts' physical phenomena?

Or possibly many different phenomena that have been collected under one catch-all title, by those desperate to attribute everything to their personal hypothesis.

The one consistency in the 'UFO' phenomena is that the entities (whatever they may be) lie- whether they 'claim'' to be positive beings or not.

Jaques Vallee concluded that we are dealing with a 'control medium',  John A Keel went as far to conclude that the phenomena was demonic, both researchers noted the similarity to folklore and myth  - only the nomenclature of this 'modern myth' has changed.

Of course We cannot be sure...  But with many, many legends around the globe of "gods coming from the sky" (and in the case of the Dogon, from Sirius, specifically), and "wars in the sky," We might give fair probability that ET is involved here - and maybe any or all of those other groups.

Funny how the Dogon, and others from Africa and the middle east, developed 'cultures' demanding ritual genital mutilation, after encounters with such beings

Who is to say what was up with the ET's?  I am sure that the practice was introduced by Them, no doubt.

The Dogon believe male and females are born with both sexual components.

The clitoris is considered male, while the foreskin is considered female.

Originally, for the Dogon, man was endowed with a dual soul, and circumcision eliminates the superfluous one.

Rites of circumcision thus allow each sex to assume its proper physical identity.

The removal of the second sex and soul from humans is what the ritual of circumcision represents in the Dogon religion. "The dual soul is a danger; a man should be male, and a woman female. Circumcision and excision are once again the remedy."

Source: Conversations With Ogotemmêli: an Introduction To Dogon Religious Ideas - Marcel Griaule, 1970 - ISBN 0-19-519821-2.

The Hermetic esoteric beliefs that sees the ultimate human as a hermaphrodite being - Great Hermaphrodite or the Rebis (from the Latin res bina, meaning dual or double matter) - a tradition that goes back to Mesopotamia, and is seen as the end product of the magnum opus or great work.

The key spiritual figures in the Dogon religion were the Nummo/Nommo twins.

The Nommos are usually described as amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures, also referred to as “Masters of the Water”, “the Monitors”, and "the Teachers”

According to Ogotemmêli's description of them, the Nummo, whom he also referred to as the Serpent, were amphibians that were often compared to serpents, lizards, chameleons, and occasionally even sloths (because of their being slow moving and having a shapeless neck). They were also described as fish capable of walking on land; while they were on land, the Nummo stood upright on their tails. The Nummos' skin was primarily green, but, like the chameleon, it sometimes changed colours. It was said to at times have all the colours of the rainbow.

The Dogon religion was centered on this loss of twinness or androgyny. Griaule describes it in this passage:

"Most of the conversations with Ogotemmêli had indeed turned largely on twins and on the need for duality and the doubling of individual lives. The Eight original Ancestors were really eight pairs… But after this generation, human beings were usually born single. Dogon religion and Dogon philosophy both expressed a haunting sense of the original loss of twin-ness. The heavenly Powers themselves were dual, and in their Earthly manifestations they constantly intervened in pairs…

Ponder on what is being promoted in our society at present...and what we know of the occult beliefs of the elite.

Excellent information.  Thank You.  And yes, I could see the connection to today's rituals and such as I was reading...

The top of the abusive power pyramid is deep in the occult ritualistic practices like; ritual abuse, pedophilia, prostitution, blood sacrifice and Devil worshiphuman sacrifice etc.  All these practices are build on an extremely sick foundation and will make their practitioners totally sick physically, mentally and spiritually. That condition could quite precisely be called as Demonic possession. Do these evil spiritual forces exist? I believe they do and there are many reports of these. 

As would I, there are many connections between this and elements of what is 'now' termed 'UFOlogy'.

This stuff is going on, on many levels, physically, spiritually etc

Crowley's communications with the 'secret chief'  entity LAM - now who does it bear a striking resemblance to?

The occult connection to the embryonic space program / NASA - i.e L. Ron Hubbard & Jack Parson's Babalon Working ritual of 1946.


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