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How To Bypass Internet Censorship

Note: Links on this page use the anonym.to service.

Because we believe that Internet censorship is not only against the basic purpose of the Internet, which is to let people communicate what they want to with the people they want to communicate with, but also fundamentally against the universal right to freedom of opinion and expression [which] includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers (UDHR, Article 19), we offer you here “How to bypass Internet Censorship”.

This book will not only help you find your way in the diversity of tools and techniques that allow you to defeat Internet censorship, but will also tell you more about how censorship works behind the curtains. You will also learn about the risks that may be linked to the use of such tools, and help you evaluate and mitigate them thanks to encryption or anonymization techniques.

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How To Bypass Internet Censorship is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a booksprint work at booki.flossmanuals.net

Browser Add Ons


List of Free Proxy Services




List of Free VPN Services

We won’t deny to you: Free VPNs are available online, but we strongly recommend you do not go this route. They could be logging your IP address or browsing information and selling it to advertising companies, and are inherently more likely to bend easily and immedietly under any kind of legal pressure. Before you use a Free VPN you might as well look in the Security Handbook for other options you could take to anonymize yourself.

List of paid VPN Services

Following is a list of some trusted VPN providers. You gain trust by paying money for the account, but be sure to ask around for options on trusted ones. A VPN is a Internet Connection that tunnels through your ISP and masks your real IP address. Keep in mind you can pay for these with pre-paid Credit Cards from your local convenience store, ukash, or use a new service called Bitcoin, or another way to translate your money onto the internet (do a google search for “Bitcoin” for more info).


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How To Bypass Internet Censorship


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