Minneapolis Police: The public can't use "words in the English dictionary" to find out about secret facial recognition cameras (Updated)

Police: The public can't use "words in the English dictionary" to f...

image credit: Tony Webster
According to an article in Muckrock, the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) doesn't want the public to know about their 'secret' facial recognition cameras.

Police in Minneapolis are going to great lengths, to keep the public from discovering how they're being spied on.

Last weekend, Tony Webster was notified that the HCSO was asking the Supreme Court to postpone the release of their facial recognition documents.

“I sent the [FOI] request to a bunch of different agencies in the T...

The Star Tribune revealed that the HCSO has been secretly using facial recognition cameras since 2013.

Updated 5/10:
HCSO joined private-sector partnership 'Shield' program designed to spy on public

"The ability to quickly and effectively share crime trend information with our private-sector security partners gives us another prevention tool to ensure the highest level of sa...

Is DHS and law enforcement using the 2018 Superbowl as an excuse to create a 'secret' facial recognition system?

According to another article written by Webster, Minnesota law enforcement are using Cognitec and Securonet to spy on everyone.

In a 2015 email, an HCSO employee wrote, “…we need to hook up Securonet with Cognitec and their VideoScan product.”


Cognitec's FaceVACS system specializes in identifying people in real-time.

"FaceVACS-VideoScan detects and identifies persons of interest in r...  FaceVACS can also detect frequent visitors.

Earlier this year, I warned everyone that facial recognition cameras do more than just identify people, they detect a person's gender, age, ethnicity etc.

Securonet let's police use CCTV cameras to spy on everyone. Last year, I wrote a four-part series warning everyone that police are using private CCTV cameras to spy on the public.


The above admission by Securonet should dispel any doubts about police using private CCTV cameras to spy on the public. (Law enforcement also uses GenICam software to spy on the public.)

Police deny FOI requests, for words used in the English Dictionary

For months, the HCSO has denied Webster's FOI requests, claiming it was too burdensome and more.

But I've never, seen such a brazen and disgusting argument by law enforcement to obfuscate government spying.

The HCSO decided to argue Webster's FOI request because he asked for a keyword search, they claimed his request wasn’t valid because they don’t store emails by “words in the English dictionary.” “Which is absurd right?” says Webster.
DHS has succeeded in creating a 'secret national police force' who use the courts, facial recognition cameras, Stingray's, license plate readers etc., to spy on everyone.

For more information about police using CCTV cameras to spy on the public read Cognitec's Whitepaper, "The Advantages of Industrial Cameras for Face Recognition Applicat...

Cognitec reveals how retail stores are using 'industrial' facial recognition cameras.

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