Ways EMF technology seriously threatens entire populations

Recently, over 180 medics and scientists sent a document to the European Union appealing for the suspension of the new 5G EMF technology planned to roll out. Essentially, the 11 page document warns that EMF technology is a serious environmental hazard, harmful to life. That the new 5G EMF technology has not been properly tested for safety and has been blindly approved without health evaluation. The medics and scientists call for a proper health evaluation and while being carried out a suspension of the 5G.

However, the unconditional push for EMF technology continues. The push involves a number of individuals, particularly those in high places, biased and blinded by money or the want for control or population reduction, only seeing the EMF technology’s advantages. Flawed ideology and insanity ensues…

In reflection of this, if allowed to continue uncontested, here are 7 ways by which EMF technology seriously threatens not just the health and life of humans, but also endangers the existence of non-human populations through upsetting the delicate balance of life. Remember, without nature’s delicate and intricate balance we will cease to exist.

Invisible nature of EMF’s

Because of the invisible ubiquitous nature of EMF exposure, unable to see its effects, it has been met with relatively little protest from the people. Further, as with smoking, we have seen many cases of cover-up and denial of the evidence linking EMF’s to disease such as cancer.

It doesn’t help that there are long latency periods before any noticeable harm kicks in. Electrosensitivity -the reactions to EMF signals are many, making it difficult for doctors to diagnose, as symptoms are so diverse.

Cell phone usage and cancer

A number of us know that the mainstream media has been covering up the fact that there is a link between frequent long-term cell phone usage and cancer. The mainstream media don’t want to expose their major sponsors the cell phone industry on this matter.

Then there are the cell phone industry’s sponsored research establishments, deliberately designed to whitewash the industry with biased, false scientific claims that there is no link to cancer. Thus, both the mainstream media and the cell phone industry have done very little to protect its users. The same applies to users of other wireless applications in conjunction with the antennas or cell masts all operating on the harmful EM frequencies in the network.

A substance called melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland located at the base of the brain. Melatonin is an extremely powerful antioxidant. As with all anti-oxidants is has the effect of mopping up potential cell-damaging free radicals in the body. Thus, it plays a major role in cell repair; body rejuvenation and disease prevention. Melatonin is produced during sleep and herein lays the problem:

Night time and sleep serve as a signal for the pineal gland to produce melatonin, but EMF’s suppress the production. The pineal gland can’t tell the difference between natural light and EMF waves. Bathing in a sea of ubiquitous EMF’s waves, with the pineal gland unable to detect night time leads to a lack of melatonin production and immunological protection. In the long run this may lead to disease such as cancer.

Other Diseases

Not just cancer, the melatonin deficiency may lead to other serious illnesses such as heart disease. Indeed, we need to understand this and take the necessary precautions. For example, at least keep your wireless application at a distance from your body during sleep…  (More on illnesses through EMF’s and precautions to follow).

Wireless radiation in the MHz, GHz and THz is millions, billions and trillions times (respectively) the normal frequency of the Earth – the Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz. [Source]

Schumann resonance and circadian rhythms

The Schuman resonance frequency (7.83Hz) has been described as the Earth’s universal magnetic pulse. An experiment by Professor R.Wever showed that when subjects were kept underground and isolated from the Schuman resonance frequency, after a while, they developed a whole range of nervous, hormonal and behavioural problems.

What’s this got to do with EMF’s? –EMF’s and the related wireless technology interfere with the Schuman resonance and the body’s natural circadian rhythm. When coming out of the underground, receiving the Schumann resonance again, the subjects became well. In humans, brain alpha waves are virtually identical to the Schuman resonance, needed for healthy function.

EMF pollution also interferes with the circadian rhythms of plants and animals.

Bee colony collapse disorder

As well as humans, animals and insects are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. Besides pesticides, it has been said that another major explanation for the large drop in bee populations in many countries is that the EMF technology interferes with the bee’s own sensory electromagnetic frequencies used in its navigational system.

This has been proven experimentally. For example, by Dr John Kuhn. He found that when cell phones were placed at hives far fewer bees returned than normally over recorded time intervals. Placing a cell phone at one of the hives had the effect of NO returning bees. -The bees could not navigate their way back to the hives due the cell phone’s interference with their navigational system.

Roughly 70% of the world’s crops are pollinated by bees. Consider the dire consequences of EMF pollution on the bee population if this insect is not around to play its vital role in pollination, affecting the food chain and seriously upsetting the balance of nature.


Not just bees, but in animals, EMF’s disrupt the navigational ability by affecting cryptochrome cells present in the eye. The cryptochrome cells give insects and animals the ability to physically see changing energy waves located for flight guidance.

For example, the lowest intensity of EMF’s can disrupt the cryptochrome cells in birds and their ability for flight guidance during migration. Butterflies have this biological compass and their navigational system is also affected by the EMF’s. Consequently, the bird, bee, butterfly and other insect populations have declined.

Lack of acknowledgement to hypersensitivity

The harmful effects of EMF technology are confounded by a lack of acknowledgement, funding and research by independent scientists not having industry ties.  The WHO (Word Health Organization) as with other agencies acknowledges the dangers such as the potential carcinogenic effects, but more research is desperately needed on electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The results from this research can be used to not only expose the industry related biased science, moneyed self-interests and unethical, immoral reckless disregard for health, but also establish the vital and necessary precautions needed.


Once again, as with so many things we are facing in this end-game scenario, one positive action we can all take is to stop cooperating. Refuse to have a ‘smart meter’ (dumb meter) installed, stop using the EMF applications. At least don’t give these applications to your children.

The new 5G, if allowed to roll out, is a health crisis waiting happen and the harmful ubiquitous EM frequencies produced will be everywhere. Get campaigning in any way you can to raise public awareness so that something can be done…

Do it not just for the future of you, your family and friends, but for the life of entire non-human populations, before it’s too late.

For the rest of this article please go to source link below.

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By Paul A. Philips / Guest writer for Wake Up World

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-From these new approaches a 'new era' in humanity can result.

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Using me as an example, my subject for some years has been health. I graduated at the School of ‘Biological Sciences’, which included biochemistry, physiology and nutrition… I later worked in a range of related research & development labs…

After watching some close friends and relatives’ die of various illnesses, I learnt that the way in which the medical / pharmaceutical establishment treated diseases was not the only approach. I then got round to writing what I considered to be the truth in health matters: That unknown to many people, there are cheap, natural and non-toxic ways of treating illness. This includes nutrition, exercise, focussing on one’s outlook on life (attitude, thoughts, feelings, emotions, healing intention…) and avoiding environmental toxins. These related powerful approaches can be far, far more successful and, unlike the medical/pharmaceutical model, are capable of curing...

In my rally for the truth, it has been my intent to have people profoundly realise that through my work (and others) and applying the alternative approaches, your health can be totally in your hands!

Whether it's for health or any other subject with alternative approaches, in the name of freedom I strongly suggest you to get active in making the truth known to others. I consider that we owe it to our friends and relatives (and anybody else for that matter) to also get them educated to make informed choices, don’t you?

(Source: wakeup-world.com; October 31, 2017; http://tinyurl.com/y8opr3zu)

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