Is NYC Department of Buildings going to investigate the causes of all high-rise building collapses in New York City? 30'000 signatures needed from registered New York City voters by July 3, 2014.

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The initiative reached a milestone of half of the signatures gathered by June 8. This is a remarkable show of perseverance that when successful can expose the perpetrators of the worst terrorist act of the century. Take a look of the High Rise Safety Initiative and see what can be done. There won't be many opportunities like this, in fact this may be the last one.

Milestone to raise $190,000 by June 15th, achieved. 10$ did

glad to hear this ;)

The prospects to get The High-Rise Safety Initiative launched by raising $250,000 by August 1st seem good!

50,000-Signature Milestone Surpassed

With less than 20 thousand to go by the end of July, this looks very good.

Crain’s New York Business Covers the Campaign

Independence Day a Celebration of 9/11 Truth

9/11 Truth is organizing an action to inform Americans on this Independence Day. They will be handing out a new brochure: "9/11 Truth: Good for America!" at Independence Day parades, picnics, and fireworks displays! They’ve got a patriotic message to share with the fellow Americans. Why not join this nationwide public education effort!

More information here:

67,192 Signatures Submitted, July 3 2014

New York High-Rise Safety Initiative team submitted over 67,000 signatures to the City of New York – 37,000 more than the requisite number for a charter amendment to be submitted to voters at this November’s election.

The next step is to gather an additional 33,000 signatures (the requisite number is 15,000) to submit on September 4th, thereby forcing the initiative onto the ballot in the event that the City Council fails to take action or votes against including it on the ballot.

It's mind-boggling how some people still support the official very weak conspiracy theory. Let's not allow this to become another JFK murder cover up and let the perpetrators die before they get exposed. Twelve, almost thirteen years ago the American people were betrayed by a criminal cabal running the country and most of the world. It's time to make them responsible for what they did.

After two months of pounding the pavement and talking to NYC voters, the High-Rise Safety Initiative submitted over 67,000 signatures to the City on July 3rd, more than double the 30,000 required to include the proposal for a new WTC 7 investigation on the ballot this November – ensuring that at least 30,000 are valid.
And, in recent weeks, they began to garner significant media coverage. It started with a story from Crain’s New York Business on June 25 that eventually led to full-blown media exposure over the last few days, highlighted by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s anticipated vitriolic denouncement of the campaign as “ridiculous”, “insensitive” and “inappropriate”. On Friday evening, the campaign moved from print to TV as NY1, New York’s leading cable news channel, did a relatively balanced and informative report on the campaign, which included snippets from an interview with the campaign’s director, Ted Walter.

After gaining the attention of New York’s media and political establishment, and their remarkable achievement of submitting 67,000 petition signatures, this is one of the best opportunities the 9/11 Truth Movement has ever had to communicate our message to the public on a massive scale and, quite possibly, bring about a new investigation into the events of 9/11.


NY1 coverage of the High-Rise Safety Initiative

When history repeats, it is noticed



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