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Money as we know it is based on deception. Privately owned central banks lend out money that they don't have - for interest. Isn't it a swell business, charging interest for money you created on a computer screen? We've abused to a point where we pay multiple times compared to the real market price for cars and housing in form of interest. This abuse system has been in place over two hundred years transferring most of the wealth to the bankster parasite class.

However, this is not sufficient for them as they want it all, the whole planet exclusively for them. Therefore, the countries are driven into perpetual debt, land is confiscated and named as natural reserves - a scam to steal everything the nations have, carbon and other "environmental" taxes and monetary punishments are created to suffocate the economy, industrial production is taken out of Europe and the US to extreme totalitarian countries like China.

There are financial analysts that have been warning that a monetary system collapse is at hand and money as we know it will be no more. Banking "industry" is a source of financial instability with its scams and managed boom- bust cycles designed to sweep the wealth into their pockets. The next phase may well be a total destruction of the current monetary abuse system giving rise to energy based currency and system where the citizens are given a controlled amount of purchase power each month with no way to save anything.

In order to keep the wealth  you may have saved up to this moment it is necessary to switch off the monetary abuse system and find alternative ways to save. They can be investment in bitcoin (high risk), precious metals, food, tools, weapons and ammunition, supplies etc. Choosing to keep your wealth in form of money or stock may seem less risky, while in fact it is the opposite. Purchasing gold or silver certificates is useless as you don't have control of the real commodity, you only have papers that can easily turn worthless. Precious metal can be a good alternative in an economy that is not completely paralysed. However, you cannot eat gold. In fact a quart of whiskey or a pack of cigarettes may be more useful than a gold coin.

Silver has come down in value from its high value two years ago and could be a sound storage for wealth. To avoid the investment to become just a useless pile of metal it would be wise to purchase something that can actually be used. Silver solder has many uses in metal works, air conditioning installations, electronics, and gun smithing. The silver content of the solder (brazing) varies from 5 to 50 percent and it can be used to solder copper, brass, carbon steel and stainless steel without electricity. Silver solder is a good investment that can be sold in ebay or used as a valuable barter item.

Link to some useful silver products

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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...


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