The Best Bug-Out-Bag Essentials

The best bug out bags will prepare a family for at least 72 hours after evacuation (three days is the average time for help to arrive in an emergency situation). With extra emergency supplies on hand, a family can evacuate quickly and with little notice, and are better able to help others instead of waiting for help to arrive.

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very good idea!! i need to get some of these thinks myself

ॐH●ȴȴƔѾϾϿᵭ's Helpful Havoc Tip #37

do NOT go cheap with #20 Photobucket

(in case of emergency, use plenty of #22 instead, its probably worth less if your in this scenario)</

1.  If you have a vacuum packer - vacuum pack the toilet paper

  8-)  It won't get wet and takes up a lot less space.

RE: #20. I would suggest going  with several packets of ph neutral wash/wet wipes, rather than a roll/s of conventional toilet paper, even if stored in a Ziploc.

Takes up less room, won't disintergrate on the roll on you if it gets damp, unlike normal TP.

Plus you can use them for washing/freshining up.

Even if they dry out, still useable, if you can't rehydrate them.

Plus you should have room for one pack in a coat/jacket/shirt or pant/trouser pocket, although trim off excessive packaging to reduce noise.

Good List - thanks for posting.  Here's some of mine to share:

1.  If you have a vacuum packer - vacuum pack the toilet paper  8-)  It won't get wet and takes up a lot less space.

2.  ALSO  go to CVS or Walgreens and buy a product called:  "Wound Seal" - proven safe and effective to stop bleeding instantly for emergencies.  4 single applications in each pack - it is a powder - buy it right off their shelf.  Not expensive - I paid $6.99 here in Arizona.

Some items I know, others I haven't a clue. Is there somewhere a list that tells each item?



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