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Hunted: how to disappear without trace

Started by Central Scrutinizer Sep 19, 2015. 0 Replies

Hunted: how to disappear without trace(…Continue

Tags: hide, track, CCTV, remote, off-grid

How To Make A Wood Gas Stove

Started by mystery Apr 10, 2013. 0 Replies

Materials Needed:1 Large Can (should be a short but fat aluminum can ranging from 22-28ozcan)1 Small Can (a typical Cambells soup can would do, they are slightly tall and skinny around 15oz can)1 Heavy Duty Scissors (or anything that could cut…Continue

Tags: self-sufficiency, cans, aluninum, sotve, wood

Survive this: Make a Garbage Bag Shelter Part of Your Survival Kit (Great Video)

Started by mystery. Last reply by mystery Apr 10, 2013. 1 Reply

I’m not sure how the early settlers along the Oregon Trail or the western frontier  got along without duct tape, WD-40 or trash bags, but life surely would have been easier with them!Trash  bags, in particular, are included in all my survival kits.…Continue

Tags: bags, trash, shelter, temporary, quick

The Best Bug-Out-Bag Essentials

Started by truth. Last reply by Anthony Kimbrough Apr 26, 2013. 6 Replies


Survival Basics by russ kolkman

Started by J. Patriot Sep 28, 2012. 0 Replies

Survival Basicsby russ kolkmanWhether you are out on a short day hike, canoeing, riding your ATV, hunting white tail or making a short flight; survival situations happen, and they can happen…Continue

The Most Important Question Survivalists Can Ask Themselves

Started by Nathan. Last reply by david james Nov 25, 2017. 2 Replies

This article was contributed by Dan and Sheila at SurvivingSurvivalism.comHere it is – Why Are You Trying to Survive? With the news being what it is, the world has now come to the point at which a…Continue

Tags: freedom, liberty, survival


Started by truth. Last reply by Capt. Dave Mar 21, 2013. 1 Reply

 ABOUT | Edible City The City, a 60 minute documentary film, tells the stories of the pioneers who are digging their hands into the dirt, working to…Continue

Tags: digging, their, are, who, of

Total Collapse

Started by The Jackel. Last reply by david james Nov 25, 2017. 3 Replies

TOTAL COLLAPSECan you Survive!We must all face the true facts of life and know we are never truly prepared to survive a total collapse  in the United States. Unless your wading in greenback there is no way you could afford everything to assist your…Continue

Tags: collapse, survival

Survival Topics

Boresighting a Rifle

On a snowy day last winter I mounted a Leupold scout scope to a new Ruger Gunsite Scout bolt-action rifle chambered in .308. In this Survival Topic I will show you how the boresighting of the rifle and scope was done. It’s quick, easy, and requires no expensive tools or special setup. Often I choose […]

Flint and Steel: What Causes the Sparks?

Starting a fire with flint and steel (the steel is also known as a “firesteel”) brings to mind the image of self-sufficient mountain men in the wilderness. A rite of passage that ties you to wilderness travelers through the millennia, the ability to use flint and steal is one of the basic survival skills everyone […]

The Dakota Fire Hole

A little known survival aid related to wilderness fire making skills is the Dakota Fire Hole, also known as the Dakota Fire Pit. This handy device is easy to construct and has marked advantages over other types of camp fire constructs. Once you make a Dakota fire hole and try it out, you may choose […]

Edible Pine Bark

Ever eat a tree? Survival Topics will show you how. Where others starve, expert survivors find food; often in plentiful supply from sources few people know about. To survive where others fail you need the drive to observe and learn, the willingness to try new things, and the ability to drop all preconceived food prejudices. […]

Clean Your Cooking Gear with Wood Ashes

Using wood ashes as a cleaning agent makes alot of sense: they are readily available, free, and relatively safe for the environment when compared to many types of soap. In this Survival Topic we will cover this very handy method for the outdoorsman to clean his dirty dishes. Re-purpose Natural Materials When it comes to […]


Bannock has been a staple food of wilderness explorers, prospectors, soldiers, and trappers for centuries. Portable, nutritious, tasty and easy to make while surviving in the outdoors, bannocks legendary reputation continues as one of the best survival foods you can bring into the wilderness. Bannock is high in carbohydrates and complements the proteins of pemmican, […]

Balsam Fir Pitch

In wilderness survival knowing how to utilize trees like the balsam fir can enhance your ability to survive. Uses for the balsam fir tree for wilderness survival are so numerous that a complete inventory could easily fill a small book. If you are lucky enough to live in balsam fir (Abies balsamea) country then you […]

That Water is Unsafe to Drink

In this Survival Topic we will discuss why it is important that you consider ALL sources of drinking water as contaminated with disease causing organisms until you properly treat it. We will also touch upon the best method to make water safe to drink. Water Born Disease Organisms I want to hammer home to you […]

How to Find the North Star

For many thousands of years Polaris has been used as a guiding star and reference point for navigators and astronomers. Through experience and observation humans discovered the North Star lights the way to true north. Know the secret of finding the North Star in the northern sky, and you will know how to find direction […]

Better than Bleach: Use Calcium Hypochlorite to Disinfect Water

Knowing how to make your water safe to drink can not only keep you healthy – it could save your life. We often take for granted access to safe, uncontaminated, potable water.  So much so that many people do not have the means or knowledge necessary to destroy disease causing organisms that may be lurking […]

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Comment by CBCS on January 19, 2009 at 7:39am
Thanks for the info Horatio...
Brother, I would suggest getting the hell out of the UK; I have family members that did and they are very glad they did.
Comment by CBCS on January 6, 2009 at 11:33am
Wind power should be used in conjunction with solar I have four sources wind, solar , wood, and hydro I will post some articles and things about it in a while. About the budget thing, the state in which you live should have some tax credits for green living, do you have a water well? or city/community water. I will dig up as much as I can for your question.
Comment by agentOgden on January 4, 2009 at 2:20pm
Thanks for putting all this info together. Very nice work!
Comment by CBCS on January 4, 2009 at 12:59am
Yes, I have many pictures of chemtrail’s over my land, You need to drink Colloidal Silver every day; I take a lot of vitamins everyday and I eat healthy I drink well water from a deep sealed well my great grandfather drilled, I eat wild game and animals I raise, and eat vegetables from my garden and greenhouses, I also have more a dozen different types of fruit trees and several types of muscadines that I use to make wine.

I don't think you can get away from chemtrail but I do think some are more susceptible than others are. I and my family are very active outdoors people, we never get sick... I haven't had a cold since I was seven and my children have never been sick; we don't get vaccinations or see the doctor, we take vitamins and never eat out or buy food from a grocer.

People in general eat too much dead food, we eat strait from our garden to the table, and we eat around six ounces of meat a day; we are meat eaters but not excessively. We also drink fresh unpasteurized goat’s milk and make fresh yogurt from that milk we eat a lot of yogurt. I bought a nice mill a few years ago to replace my great grandfathers that wore out, and we grind our own meal and flour, you can do all these things; if you live in the city and have no room it would be very difficult to do.

What I am saying is quit eating fast and dead food take lots of vitamins and exercise this will make getting sick almost impossible, grow a garden, drink red wines, drink spring or well water, drink tea all types, eat lots of fruits and never buy anything from a grocer unless you read the ingredients if it has more than necessary don't buy it and make you own, whatever it is.

By all means stay away from anything with HFCS high fructose corn syrup you would be amazed at how many products from a grocery store have it look at the ingredients!!! If you do all of those things you will stay healthy.

I don't use toothpaste either or deodorant, I brush my teeth with a tooth brush and then I go pick some spearmint out of my herd patch and chew it, I use mineral salt for deodorant, regular deodorant has aluminum in it which causes cancer don't use it. They are trying to kill us be it slowly or with a murder suicide educed by what they spray or inject us with.

Navy TACAMO Chemtrail Plane

Comment by CBCS on January 3, 2009 at 10:56pm
What exactly do you want to know, Horatio?
Comment by menthol on December 31, 2008 at 7:19pm
nice info!!
Comment by CBCS on December 31, 2008 at 11:54am
Glad you joined.
Comment by logan cheif on December 31, 2008 at 11:36am
thanks for the invite freind

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