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The grassroots are on fire against ObamaTrade. Conservatives are outraged that the same politicians who said, “Elect me and I will stand up to Obama,” would actually vote to give him more power.

House members are getting scorched from both the right and left. Labor is already running ads against Democrat House members Ami Berra and Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) who are supporting ObamaTrade.

Now Republicans are on notice: Obamatrade will be an issue next year, and if you don’t get the picture, we’ve made an ad to help you figure it out.

For ObamaTrade-loving incumbents who think they’re safe because they have overwhelmingly Republican districts, we’re here to tell you no one who betrays the will of the people is safe.  Your vote on fast track will be an issue in the primary.

The politics of ObamaTrade are poisonous. Poll after poll shows a majority of Americans across the political spectrum oppose these phony “free trade” deals – and conservatives oppose them in even greater numbers than Democrats.

It’s especially toxic for Republicans because the white blue collar voters the GOP relies on to win elections positively loathe ObamaTrade. They correctly see it as part of the open borders agenda pitting them against cheap foreign labor. Whether the competition is from illegal/foreign guest workers at home or cheap foreign labor overseas, working Americans take it in the rear, as Mike Huckabee so succinctly put it.

Our message to the traitor politician is clear: if you fast track ObamaTrade, the voters will throw you under the train. And we’ll be there to help them.

In case these pols are too busy at fundraisers to get the picture, we’ve put together a “Your Name Could Be Here” spot showing what’s in store for them next year.

Watch the :30 spot “Surrender” here.

Here are a few a simple questions any Congressman can answer to find out if you’ll be seeing our ad in your district next year.

  1. Did you promise voters to stand up against Obama’s agenda but instead voted to give him more power?
  2. Did you bow to the man who brought us Obamacare, executive amnesty and more regulations?
  3. Did you vote to help Obama shred the Constitution, erase our borders, kill jobs and surrender our sovereignty and tax dollars to international authorities?

If you answered yes, congratulations! You’re a candidate for a one-way ticket home on the Fast Track Express. All aboard!

And when the Chamber of Cronies tells you they’ll have your back, remember these two words: Eric Cantor.

Primaries are low turnout elections. A few thousand, even a few hundred, motivated voters can end the career of the most senior entrenched incumbent. And we’ll be there to help them.

If you are a primary challenger, drop us a line.  And if you want to help send a treasonous congressman a one-way ticket home, drop us a dime.

See you next year!

Curtis Ellis is Executive Director of the American Jobs Alliance and served as communications director with the Campaign for Primary Accountability, the SuperPACthat unseated several long-term House incumbents in primary battles in 2012. Emailinfo@obamatrade.com. 


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even that alcoholic Pelosi voted NO....dang......

“TPP represents the GOP establishment’s pay back to its wealthy donors. It represents the triumph (again) of the party’s Wall Street-corporatist elite over its working- and middle-class voters.

We have been down this road before. The congressional GOP gave both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush fast track authority. For the past 25 years, America has had numerous free trade agreements — NAFTA, GATT, the WTO, MFN, PNTR for China, CAFTA for Central America and deal with South Korea.

The results have been disastrous: nearly 55,000 U.S. factories shuttered; 5-6 million jobs lost; our manufacturing base
decimated; and over $11 trillion in trade deficits. Once great cities, such as Detroit and Baltimore, which had plenty of well-paying, blue-collar factory jobs,are now dangerous economic wastelands.

China alone has amassed over $4 trillion in trade surpluses. Beijing’s rise has come at our expense. Factories, investment capital, jobs and products once generated here were outsourced to China. Using cheap labor and currency manipulation, Beijing has built a massive military machine and the world’s largest economy. Its economic growth rate dwarfs our own. The very same open borders/free trade Republicans who decry the rise of communist China are responsible for driving it.

As America opened its market to a flood of cheap Asian and Mexican goods, millions of U.S. workers were displaced; U.S. factories simply uprooted and relocated to Mexico or China, taking advantage of low-cost labor and the ability to export those goods, products and services right back into America without paying any tariffs.” Jeffrey Kuhner


(Reuters) - The House of Representatives on Friday delivered a blow to President Barack Obama's signature goal of strengthening ties with Asia but could try again as soon as Tuesday to reverse defeat of a measure central to a Pacific Rim trade pact.

In a dramatic vote, Obama's own Democrats, as well as Republicans, rejected a program to give aid to workers who lose their jobs as a result of U.S. trade deals with other countries. The measure was soundly defeated in a 302-126 vote
Image for the news result

Obama quest for fast-track trade bill defeated for now in House



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