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Deputies: Homeowner shoots 2 intruders dead, third runs off (I live about 8 miles from here)

Two of the suspects were shot and pronounced dead at the scene (nice shootin Tex), while the third suspect fled on foot. Do know the guy had his 2 year-old kid w/ him. Cops describe the third suspect as a black male wearing dark clothing. No identification has been released yet. K-9 units were used to track the third guy a quarter of a mile west of the crime scene. Cops think he got into a vehicle on Route 460. This is the County that I live in, and people are really buzzed up about this. Seems the Va Lawmakers are now telling the "Insane AssClown Posse" (Sotero Administration) as of Today that, "THIS IS THE WAY THE STATE OF VIRGINIA WAS, IS, AND GOING TO BE WITH GUNS!!!!!"......I admire this State more & more here lately w/ the Gun attitude and the Anti-NDAA, making their own money, and the Drone bans ;) (this place is not as 'neck as it used to be) I don't have any names yet of shooter or victims, small as this place is, prolly know one out of the bunch ;)




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This is the type of story that needs to be headlined everywhere. 

Brovo Brovo

gotta pic for it ;) (added up top)

Dad says he killed intruders while defending his home

Posted on: 11:46 am, February 18, 2013, by and , updated on: 06:52pm, February 18, 2013

Va. – The 25-year-old father who said he shot and killed two men who broke into his Prospect-area home Sunday morning told CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil he did not know the men he killed.

The man said he and his two-year-old son were sleeping when he heard a loud crash inside his home off Route 460 early Sunday morning. The man said he grabbed a handgun and left his room to investigate. Soon he found three men inside his home.

The men exchanged gunfire that lasted less than a minute, the man said.

One of the intruders died in the man’s home, a second man died in the front lawn. The third suspect got away from the home.

The 25-year-old man said he and his family are no longer staying at the home over fears the third suspect will return.

Whole Story & Video


Good for him, they wont be victims, Oh Yeah, And FUCK Obama!

Good shooting Dad! you saved your families lives.

GUNSSAVELIVES.com or NET. Great site.

Yea VA, way to go Tex. 2 down 1 to go.

UPDATE 3/3/13

headline correction, lol

Homeowner 3 - Bad Guys 0

got this during breakfast this morning from a friend/cop. 3rd suspect who fled ended up in Lynchburg where he got stitched up in LBrg General then confessed to being 3rd robber

Meanwhile Homeowner and kid move to North Carolina



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