Alleged Mandela Effect - JFK Assassination - How Many People In The Limo

Ok, this is a serious post and this has REALLY freaked me out...

As far as I (and some others) remember, the limo contained 4 people - Left rear: Jackie Kennedy. Right rear: JFK. Driver: SS Agent William Greer. Front right: SS Agent Roy Kellerman.

But 6 people in the car - Left rear: Jackie Kennedy. Right rear: JFK. Middle left: Nellie Connally. Middle right: Governor Connally. Driver: SS Agent William Greer. Front right: SS Agent Roy Kellerman. + a second windshield on the vehicle?

I distinctly remember different footage and in all my years (in this life), I have NEVER heard of Jackie being touted as the assassin!!!

Is this a hoax / attempt at a major trolling or is something really up?

Does anyone else remember 4 people in the limo?

I spoke to my father he said 6, my brother was insistent it was 4.

I have had serious high strangeness encounters in the course of my life  - but lately I have had this constant feeling that something is very wrong with the world (on top of what we already know) - I have also been experiencing extremes of body heat/cold as well as other effects.

I would appreciate valid comments and discussion in reference to this, what has been dubbed the 'Mandela Effect' and any other thoughts on some kind of reality shift.

In addition, I came across this yesterday -

CERN now takes credit for the WWW

"Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist at CERN, invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989. The web was originally conceived and developed to meet the demand for automatic information-sharing between scientists in universities and institutes around the world.

The first website at CERN - and in the world - was dedicated to the World Wide Web project itself and was hosted on Berners-Lee's NeXT computer. The website described the basic features of the web; how to access other people's documents and how to set up your own server. The NeXT machine - the original web server - is still at CERN. As part of the project to restore the first website, in 2013 CERN reinstated the world's first website to its original address."

I don't EVER remember CERN ever being mentioned in conjunction with Berners-Lee.


So a sign of the times we live in?

Poor memory on my (and others) part?

A major psyop?

...or is CERN literally fucking with reality?

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Freaky!  I agree.  Four People in the car, and it did not look like Jackie did it like it does now.

There were six in the limo. Jackie did not kill JFK and neither did LHO. This was a troll video floating around the web.

Many were involved with creating the internet and one guy at Cern was involved but so was Al Gore.

Nikki, is that YOUR recollection of history? - this is key to my overall question.

Excusing all other content in this video and what threw me primarily is the 6 people in the car - you could have played me that clip without sound and would have had the same effect

Do you have a link that would elaborate on the origin of this video?

The second question refers solely to the development of WWW protocol, NOT the ARPA/DARPA created Internet.

(As an aside Al "I took the initiative in creating the Internet" Gore's only contribution was to support federal funding for National Science Foundation Network (NSFNET))

As I stated above as far as I my recall of history goes, I don't remember CERN ever being mentioned in conjunction with Berners-Lee development of WWW.

I have been reading and researching JFK for decades so it's not something I have to recall. The video you posted has been circulating around and is not take seriously by any JFK researchers.

I don't think CERN was ever mentioned, just Tim Berners-Lee, who worked for them as an independent contractor.

Actually as I remember it Gore chaired a congressional panel that recommended the privatization of the DARPANET infrastructure which became the hardware backbone for the earlly internet.

well  I will be a monkey's uncle and considering that I am female this would be some task.. I thought i heard everything.. now this is a really new one to me.. and hard to believe what i am hearing.. Jackie O oh no...  she was attempting to scrap up his brains that were blown all over the back of the limo.. for Christ sake.. wow .. this man i would hate to be the one to attack him i may never shut up over this accusation  clearly he drank someones cool aid...  and there were 6 in the limo 4 in the rear jackie O and prez.. in rear of rear and two in front of rear and two in front of limo.. driver plus passenger.. i watched so many video of this event over the past 4 years it isn't funny.. he was the victim of a corrupt government one of the first false flags,, certainly not the first and definitely not the last. 



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