Fukishima Official To Japan- If You Are Smiling, You Will Not Have Any Radiation Effects...

...Synunichi Yamashita - Professor of Nagasaki University & Fukishima Radiation Health Risk Advisor adds 'This has been proven by animl testing'

Please send email to Fukushima ( sogo_anzenkanri@pref.fukushima.jp ) to protect Children in Fukushima.

Governor direct control Office of Public Affairs : kouho@pref.fukushima.jp

He later corrected his word about "100 micro sievert per hour". He told that he meant "10 micro sievert per hour", however what he said after 100 micro sievert is " It's obvious that whether if you can stay outside or not under 5, 10 or 20 sievert per hour." His correction does not make any sense at all.

Now, children in Fukushima has geiger counter whenever they go. City it self looks just like huge human experimentation facility.
Yamashita must be trying to become Japanese version of "Josef Mengele"

Fukushima Parents Seek Dismissal of Radiation Advisor

World Shocking Japanese Temporary Standard level

Twitter : https://twitter.com/#!/thou77angis

3.21.2011 Fukushima City
5.3.2011 Nihonmatsu City

【日本語】 山下俊一トンデモ発言

【English】 Unbelievable Comment by Dr. Yamashita

【Français】 Docteur Folamour : Mr.Shunichi Yamashita

Increíble comentario sobre la radiación dirigido a los ciudadanos de Fukushima

Yamashitas Äußerungen zu Fukushima und Strahlung

Dichiarazioni incredibili sulle radiazioni di Prof. Yamashita

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Mr. Nakate succinctly explains how Yamashita made the Japanese medical community complicit in the ongoing cover-up of Fukushima and how it is now unlikely doctors will be of much needed assistance to the people. 8minutes of your time please



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