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According to some sites (sources listed below) concerning color symbolism, Qabalah and Masonic meanings are derived from the use of colors.  Qabalah sounds familiar right?  Madonna or now she is supposed to be Esther practices Qabalah.  We know that the occult is heavily involved in the music industry, so it should be understandable that symbolism is used from Masonry which is directly related to Qabalah.  

"It was early recognized that colours have a strong influence on the mind and therefore can be employed for certain moral or aesthetic ends, through symbolical, allegorical and mystical allusions."  (http://www.freemasonrywatch.org/colours.html)

White signifies beginnings...Perfection...Initiation..Death...Resurrection ...Color of Mourning and the Color of the Gods...Purity and of Innocence...Beginnings...Cheerful...(Fire...Regeneration..Purification of Souls)...Druids were robed in white...

Black is the Color of Darkness, the Underworld...Outlaws and the Banners of Pirates......Black mass...the death of Hiram Abif  (A Masonic architect who was killed and did not reveal secret Masonic passwords, lots of biblical references to Solomon's Temple)

Red...The color of fire...Associated with war and the army...flames of hell, the appearance of demons...carnal love...the color of youth...Sacrifice, Struggle Heroism...Destruction and violence.

These explanations seem remotely possible and what is happening in the music industry.

Also of note is the ex-Illuminati exposes music industry video. Looks like some other interesting videos to watch too.  (http://www.livevideo.com/video/superfire702/221EB2B0962D4A52A2521AE...)


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right on. i was trying to comment on your posting about the use of colors in the music industry but ended up starting this discussion or something. yeah, i remember something about flag symbolism and their masonic origins.



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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...


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