Facebook Is Reading Your Messages and Liking Things For You

You might think clicking "Like" is the only way to stamp that public FB affirmation on something—you're wrong. Facebook is checking your private messages and automatically liking things you talk about. Without asking you.

The scanning, which is either an oversight on Facebook's part of a deliberate effort—we're waiting to hear back from FB—increases the Like count for a given page just by you talking about it. Auto-scanning is nothing new: Gmail has done it since day one to serve us ads. But there are serious potential personal consequences here—what if I'm talking about something disgusting, loathsome, and offensive with a friend? Do I want Facebook to automatically chalk that up as a Like? No. And I doubt you do either.


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Like something on Facebook, go directly to jail

Vague online libel law means you could face up to 12 years in prison for a re-tweet in the Phillipines

Does Ning do that too?

Ning is 100pct hacked, I assume there is nothing hidden from a determined individual.

As for the likes, I guess we have always assumed you folks are doing it, not some bot :)

Welcome to 12160 (please don't) Like us on facebook


Google 10 evil seconds by zuckerburg,my mate told me about it and I said how long is it on for and the whole place started laughing.

I was wondering why you liked:

Pedophile priests

Islamic Jihad

The Klu Klux Klan

The First Church of Satan

Snuff Films

and 2 girls one cup,

on your Facebook account.

INTERVIEWEE: I WTF what, where?

INTERVIEWER: It's all right here in black and white.

INTERVIEWEE: (Crying) I just want to learn how to use the shake machine and super size stuff.

INTERVIEWER: I hear the TSA is hiring,.....

Facebook is a huge spying apparatus, and I can't believe so many people didn't recognize it for what it was when it was first introduced. Not only that, it's detrimental to society in that it suppresses normal human interaction. It disconnects us from one another spiritually and physically.

It's also a huge waste of time. Go outside and smell the flowers.

The only way to avoid this is to use private servers, all of the corporate sites do it. 



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