Celebrating the Bloodlines of the Illuminati

Angelina Jolie @ 2012 Golden Globe Awards Angelina Jolie @ 2012 Golden Globe Awards Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt @ 2012 Golden Globe Awards

Dozens of Monarchs were all gathered in Hollywood Sunday night to celebrate the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Every award season, old Monarchs (Madonna) and new ones (Lea Michele) are paraded around on a red carpet, which represents the13 bloodlines of the Illuminati. In the article on the first Twilight film, I briefly mentioned thisSatanic bloodline, which is produced through the inbreeding of demonicly possessed members of 13 elitist families. Both Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt are part of this bloodline and she is even related to Hilary Clinton through it, while Brad is related to President Barack Obama. If you think that is weird, Hilary is also related to Monarchs Madonna, Celine Dion and Alanis Morrisetteand Obama is related to six previous Presidents including pedophiles George W. Bush and hisfather. Obama is going to be President for 4 more years so you can stop pretending your vote counts. Angelina wore a white satin Atelier Versace gown with had a red accent at her neckline that matched her famous lips. Brad’s cane made him look appropriately like a pimp.

Versace’s H&M advertisement is full of Project Monarch themes.

President Barack Obama @ the White House Angelina Jolie @ the White House Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt @ the White House
Kissing cousins?

Brad and Angie hit up the White House and met with President Obama on January 11th (lastWednesday), where they were all photographed (staged) through the Oval Office. Congress’ approval ratings are at 50% and Obama’s are at 48%, making him one of only four presidents to ever start an election year with approval so low. Richard Nixon was also one of these low rated presidents and he was still elected…so don’t expect Obama to go anywhere. If a dumbshit like Dubya was allowed to run the country for 8 years, it only makes sense that his cousin Barry would get the same. He is “the One” afterall (according to OprahHenry Kissinger and a few Muslims). There is video of this PR stunt but CBS (all-seeing eye) owns the footage so I can’t embed it here.

Angelina Jolie @ Golden Globes luncheon Angelina Jolie @ 2012 Golden Globes luncheon Pedro Almodovar & Angelina Jolie @ Golden Globe luncheon

The day before, at the Golden Globes luncheon for Best Foreign Film, Angelina joined several directors, including Pedro Almodovar, at the screening of her directorial debut, In the Land ofBlood & Honey. The film did not win the Golden Globe but Angelina and Brad attended the ceremony, where Brad was nominated for Best Actor in a Dramatic Film for his work in Moneyball. The film has recieved mixed reviews from critics and even caused controversy during the filming, with rumors that the film was based on the love between a woman and her rapist. The film is actually about the ambiguous relationship between a woman and the man in charge of the prison camp she has been captured in during the Bosnian War.

Grauman's Egyptian Theatre (1922) Grauman's Egyptian Theatre (1936) Grauman's Egyptian Theatre (present)

The Golden Globes lucheon was held at Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, world famous for it’s Egyptian Revivalist design. While many researchers claim that the theatre’s design was inspired by the West’s new fascination with Egypt, specifically the discover of King Tutankamun’s nearly intact tomb, the young pharaoh’s tomb was not found by Howard Carter until November 4th, 1922. This was two weeks from the first film premiere for Robin Hood at the theatre on October 18, 1922. This suggests that the true reason for the Egyptian design relates to the celebrated Egyptian mysteries of Freemasonry. Many Monarchs are familiar with Egyptian culture, especially the magic associated with the Kabbalah, which was something the Hebrew slaves took out of Egypt with Moses. It’s surprising how many people are unfamiliar with the origins of this magic, considering it involves two of the greatest men in the Old Testament. While Moses was likely initiated into the Egyptians mysteries, it was actually Abraham who taught the priests the dark arts of his Chaldean heritage, including ceremonial magicastrology and divination.

The Nazi’s, specifically Dr. Josef Mengele (“Dr. Green” to victims) knew that this magic could be easily perverted and abused by using it to victimize people all over the world. Mengele is believed to have used Jewish rabbis and other concentration camp prisoners to teach him and the other Nazi’s this ancient mysticism. The use of hypnotismdrugs and trauma-based mind control(electroshock and rape) is also believed to have originated from the Egyptian rites, including the worship of Baphomet, who was worshipped as the Goat of Mendes (a city in Egypt). ResearcherFritz Springmeier also believes that the worship of Isis within these secret societies was done using drugs and torture to create multiple personalities in initiates. His research has proven that this mind control still exists within these elitist societies like Masonry.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

In the film Lara Croft: Tomb RaiderAngelina Jolie plays the lead role in this adaptation of the popular video game series. The film opens with the title card, designed with the pyramid and All-Seeing Eye of Providence, before the camera zooms out, revealing Angelina’s own all-seeing eye. She is hanging upside-down in what appears to be ancient Egyptian structure, suggesting that this is actually an internal world inside the victim’s mind.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

An altar or statue dedicated to a ram or goat is visible in front of her when she lands on the ground. As Lara walks about, her gold skull & cross bones belt buckle becomes visible, reinforcing the oppressive presence of secret societies. Skull & Bones is actually a Yale society but it’s influence can be seen outside of academia, including the entertainment industry. Members of this society ofdemon worshippers includes former presidents George H.W. Bush Sr., George W. Bush Jr. and former state senator Prescott Bush (Dubya’s grandfather). Other members include Bush Jr.’s cousinJohn Kerry and actor Paul Giamatti. Skull and crossbones is an obvious symbol of death, an important theme within the iniatory rites of the society. On the Yale campus, these rituals take place in a building known as “the Tombs,” reinforcing the idea that Skull & Bones is what is being referenced with her buckle (as opposed to just death or poison).

During initiation, a mock sacrifice is performed with the initiate being forced to reanact a ritualistic murder of a woman, who screams “voithia!” or “help!” in Greek. Other members of the order dress up as Satan, the Pope and a Native American (Prescott Bush stole the skull of Geronimo). The initiate must kiss a skull during all of the screaming and then they must repeat, “Death equals Satan and Satan equals death!” Each initiate is lead into a dark chamber where more profanities are shouted at them, which is all meant to traumatize the initiate into submission to the order. The initiates are brainwashed into believing that they are superior beings on Earth who control thepopulation with fearwar and famine.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

Back in the film, Lara Croft fights a robot named Simon, who represents transhumanism as well as the all-seeing eye on the victim (who is recording her with his camera). She manages to crush it with a large pillar/obelisk (representative of phallus worship and the Sun god Ra), before it comes back to life (even after she penetrates it’s head and rips out it’s wires) and she has to use thekey/code word “Stop!”. This could easily be seen as a mind control reference since the victim’s own mind is destroyed with programming. The large diamond (Jewel programming) that she was there to collect actually turns out to be a plastic case for a memory card labeled “Lara’s Mix.” She puts the memory card into the robot and it is revealed that she is actually training in an elaborate Egyptian tomb setting within her own home. When she learns from her software programmer that the robot was actually programmed to kill her, it doesn’t seem to bother her. In the mind of Monarch, this fight with a robot could’ve actually been a real fight to the death between two victims, one of which was using a robot or cyborg alter.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

The villains in the film are the Illuminati themselves, who killed Lara’s father (played by Jolie’s real father/abuser Jon Voight). The Illuminati are looking for the two halves (duality) of an ancientTriangle of Light, which allows it’s possesor to control space and time. The council gives one of their members a week to find the two halves as the planetary alliance they need to use the triangle only occurs every 5,000 years. This amount of time is often referred to as an “age” in astrological terms, with the current Age of Aquarius being the New Age you always here about.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

On May 15th, Lara visits the grave of her father and holds a daisey chain (popular trigger), suggesting he was her programmer. The large mansion they live in has Masonic checkerboard floors and the house is what you would expect a member of the Illuminati to live in. That night, Laura is awakened by a ticking sound, which turns out to be an ancient clock that counts down to the planetary alignment. She asks one of her father’s friends for help but does not realize that he too is an Illuminati member. He refers Laura to the previous council member after the clock but she does not trust him and does not tell him about the clock.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

That same night, as Laura practices her acrobatics (dissociatively state by never touching the ground), the Illuminati send a team of intruders attempts to kill Laura. Even though they are no match for her, they succeed in retrieving the valuable clock for themselves. The next day, a letter from Laura’s father arrives to tell her about the Triangle of Light. He tells her that the People of theLight once worshipped the sacred icon for it’s ability to control space and time, befoer it destroyed their civilization and they had to split the triangle in two and hide them on seperate sides of the Earth. The legend of the triangle being made from a meteorite that fell during the last planetary alighnment is somewhat similar to that of other legends where stones fall from the Heavens and become idols of worship for their great power. One such stone is the black stone on display
at the Kabaa in Mecca. While these objects have the power for both good and evil (dualism again), it is actually the person using this power who dictates how they will use it. He warns her that she must find the two halves before the Illuminati get their hands on it and abuse it’s power.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

Lady Croft reaches the Cambodian ruins her father mentioned in the letter, where she follows a swarm of butterflies and ghost (deadchild (many Monarchs are capable of communicating withspirits) to an ancient entrance into what the Illuminati refer to as the “Belly of the Beast.” The rest of the film is pretty boring and obviously she prevails because there is a sequel to this shit film. At the very end, Laura visits her father’s grave, now knowing that the Illuminati killed him and also that he was never part of their council. On his grave are the daisey chain Laura held before and a butterfly, which flies up as she leaves. In Egyptian mythology, the butterfly is symbolic of the human soul. This is probably why Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch claimed that a black butterfly flew around him at his daughter’s funeral. We all know what the butterfly really means though.

Angelina Jolie & Maddox Angelina Jolie & Maddox Jolie-Pitt clan

It was during the making of this film that Angelina applied for adoption in Cambodia, where she eventually adopted her first son Maddox. She later confirmed that then-husband (handler) Billy Bob Thorton did not want anything to do with her new son so they divorced. Originally, Billy Bob was withJurassic Park actress Laura Dern but Angelina reportedly broke up their relationship. Dern claimed that when she returned home from filming, her stuff was already out of the home they once shared. As you can see from the images above, Maddox appearsto be under mind control. He is dressed in black and white stripes a lot, which can be used to confuse (bad is good, good is bad) or triggerhim. He also has on a black shirt with white u.f.o.’s all over it, referring to the so-called “aliens” that Monarchs may encounter in programming. When Cathy O’Brien was under mind control, her programmers would tell her that they were gods or aliens but she eventually found out the truth. She even believes that some programmers with access to holographic technology can manipulate what the victim sees, in order to make them believe that they are in fact aliens or gods. If this technology already exists, can you imagine how many people would believe it if we were being told of an alien invasion?

Angelina Jolie & Maddox Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie w/ family Ruby Maguire, Suri Cruise & Zahara Jolie-Pitt

Here Maddox is wearing a blatant Skull & Bones shirt and more stripes. The last image is of his sister (far right) Zahara, who is wearing the same pink butterfly shirt by Splendid as RubyMaguire (Tobey Maguire’s daughter) and Suri Cruise.

Angelina Jolie & Pax Angelina Jolie w/ Vivian, Zahara & Shiloh Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

While visiting London last year, the Jolie-Pitt clan were photographed on several occassions with well-known programming triggers. In the second photo, Zahara is wearing a striped toppurplepants and silver shoes. In the third Oz book, Ozma of OzDorothy says, “I had a pair of silvershoes, that carried me through the air.” She wears these shoes a lot, suggesting she is being kept in a dissociative state like her siblings. Speaking of Oz, in the last photo, Angelina is wearing a large emerald pendant, associated with Jewel programming.

Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani & kids Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani & kids Angelina Jolie & kids Angelina Jolie & Zahara

Angie even took the children to visit Gwen Stefani’s home for a Monarch playdate. Vivian wore herruby slippers and Gwen’s son, Kingston, wore a shirt with a white owl on it, another important trigger. Knox (the male twin), being held by his mother, is holding onto a two-headed serpent, which resembles a penis. In the third image, Pax is wearing stripes again and Shiloh is dressed somewhat like a boy. Shiloh’s fashion has been somewhat controversial, especially after Cher’s sonChaz Bono told the press that he would like to talk with Shiloh about gender roles. Yeah…like I would want somebody like that anywhere near my kid. I don’t pretend I understand transgendered people but when you have the daughter of Cher being turned into a man, you have to wonder if this is just a permanent step in her programming. We already know these sick programmers love tomutilate the genitals of slaves, so couldn’t this just be some fetish for one of her handlers? Brad even told the press that Shiloh tells he and Angie to call her “John,” making it sound like she has amale alter who we see from time to time. Chaz has even said that her father, Sonny Bono, used tocall him “Fred.” Clearly, there is a disturbing pattern here…

Yes, she’s a slave too.

Salt (2010) Salt (2010)

Children are used in mind control because they are pretty much blank canvases for learning but also because the world is full of pedophiles. In the film Salt, Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a C.I.A. agent who is accused of being a Delta programmed Russian spy. To the audience, this may just be another one of Angie’s action-packed, side-eyed, pouty-lipped roles we’ve already seen a million times but there is a much deeper significance to the story. It is an actual look into the world of mind controlled assassins who were created as part of the C.I.A.’s Project Artichoke program. Evelyn is married to a well-known arachnologist, whom she met years before (below) and believes that all is well in her life, before a total stranger visits the C.I.A. headquarters and triggers her Delta alter, turning the C.I.A. against one of their own. The film is full of the same tired one eye and pyramid symbolism as seen in the two screen captures above. The opening scene features Salt being brutally tortured by the North Korean government.

Salt (2010) Salt (2010)

Throughout the film, Salt must put her personal feelings of love and affection for her husband of two-years on the back burner, or risk him being killed by either the C.I.A. or the Russian government, who both trained her to be the perfect killing machine. She met her husband in a butterfly sanctuary, where they would later marry. Butterflies fly around around them when they first meet, when he introduces himself and on their wedding day. Salt, now self-aware of her mission, sets out for New York City, to assassinate the Russian president. She succeeds and even lets the feds arrest her, before she makes a clever escape once again.

Salt (2010) Salt (2010)

She begins to remember her programming back in Russia, where the children were being programmed to be Delta slaves who would be triggered when they were older. The children are trained in weaponry and other important skills they will need to complete their assignments–whatever they may be. The children are even programmed to self-destruct like suicide bombers, which is something that is actually programmed into a Monarch slave to keep all of their secrets from public. After returning to Russia, she is shown her husband, who is killed in front of her. This is especially telling because many Monarch slaves are forced to kill the people around them or other slaves in order to survive. They are taught not to connect with anybody on any emotional level or risk that person being killed in front of them to teach them “not to care.” Salt pretends it doesn’t bother her but then retaliates on her fellow Soviets before heading back to Washington D.C. with one of her childhood friends, who is now a programmed suicide bomber, set on killing the President of theUnited States.

Salt (2010) Salt (2010)

For her last mission with the Soviets, she uses her male alter to get into the White House, where the two plan on killing the President. Of course she survives because a sequel is expected. Before she convinces another C.I.A. agent to let her escape from the helicopter, she catches one last glimpse of the largest obelisk in the world–the Washington Monument.

Anna Chapman mug shot Anna Chapman Anna Chapman

While Angie was busy promoting Salt during the summer of 2010, Russian spy Anna Chapmanwas arrested (June 27th) along with nine others on suspicion of working for the Illegals Program spy ring under the Russian Federation’s external intelligence agency, the S.V.R. (Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki). I’m sure this was all just a publicity stunt to get people interested in Salt. Angelina even invited Anna to the Russian premiere but she declined. She did pose for Maxim andPlayboy though. The middle image is from when Anna was younger but I included it because you can clearly see daisies on the blanket, which I mentioned above in Tomb Raider. Whether or not you believe that there is actually a Satanic bloodline that runs the world, you have to admit, all of this shit is mind blowing.

Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie
The girl with the dragon tattoo.

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