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America’s descent into a totalitarian regime of hysterical thought police is nearly complete. In just the last 72 hours, total P.C. insanity has swept the nation and all its big retailers as howling leftist maniacs have used the label “tolerance” to initiate what can only be called a modern-day book burning and Orwellian censorship of artistic expression:

• A leftist movie critic and member of the new thought police regime has called for banning the movie Gone With the Wind, stating in pure P.C. babbledygook: “The more subtle racism of “Gone with the Wind” is in some ways more insidious, going to great lengths to enshrine the myth that the Civil War wasn’t fought over slavery — an institution the film unabashedly romanticizes.”

• Apple, forever a corporate pusher of the P.C. agenda, has now banned Civil War games from iTunes because those games display the Confederate flag! Revisionist history is alive and well at Apple, it seems, where even factual historical simulations are going to be memory holed under Apple’s new dictatorial thought control policies. Yes, even works of digital art are no longer “tolerated” at Apple.

• There’s now open talk of recalling all books featuring the Confederate flag on their covers. As now points out, “Many authors have written about the Confederacy and included flags on the covers of their books. Unfortunately, those same authors may be required to spend unnecessary money to revamp their covers to meet the new Amazon standards.”


So now, in the new P.C. America run by the ravenous thought police, you can’t even write about American history if you show the flag! And so the memory holing begins… the only flag that will soon be “legal” to display in America will, of course, be the gay pride flag…

• The push is now on to bulldoze historical monuments depicting Civil War leaders of the South. As reported by, calls have begun to destroy the Robert E. Lee statue in New Orleans. Yes, history shall be destroyed via bulldozer if the radical leftist thought police have their way.

• Not to be outdone, a CNN thought police operative has now suggested we should destroy the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.! “CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield this week questioned whether the Jefferson Memorial should be taken down because Jefferson owned slaves,” reports the LA Times. “At the University of Texas, Austin, a public statue of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, was reportedly vandalized this week with the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Bump the Chumps.'”

• The massive vandalism of historical statues by thought control activists has now been initiated. “Statues on the Austin campus of Robert E. Lee, who commanded the Confederate army, and Albert Sidney Johnston, a Confederate general who died during the Civil War, were also vandalized in recent days,” says the LA Times. It’s not just the books that the leftist want to burn now: it’s also the entire record of southern history! It makes me wonder: will the screaming, zombie-minded leftists also tear down all the historical buildings of the South, brick by brick? Is there any limit to their desire to destroy the fabric of America and replace it with their totalitarian agenda of “obedient tolerance?”

• Taking it all one step further, Louis Farrakhan is now suggesting that the American flag needs to come down! Apparently, the American flag is now also a symbol of racism and hatred that the “tolerant” left cannot tolerate. What flag do you suppose they should put in its place? A surrender flag?

• Even children’s toys are no longer safe from the thought police. All toy cars from the Dukes of Hazzard television show are now being memory holed and stripped of the Confederate flag they once carried. As reports, “They’ve been pushing for it for over 150 years and this year the politically correct anti-Confederate flag movement may have finally achieved its ultimate goal. ”

Leftist thought police claim they are the only “tolerant” ones

Astonishingly, this total thought police push for revisionist history and book burning is all taking place under the banner of “tolerance!”

Yep, the “party of tolerance” is now demanding the book burning, the demolition of historical statues, the banning of historical game simulations, the memory-holing of Hollywood movies and even the elimination of the national flag of the United States of America! The political left, which falsely claims to support “the arts” and free expression, is now spearheading its own movement to silence all expression it does not agree with.

And now it’s all so obvious: This isn’t tolerance. This is a new cultural civil war — a brazen attempt to marginalize, demonize and ultimately eliminate all images, symbolism, art and free expression that does not obediently fall in line with the narrative of the political left.

To accomplish their agenda, leftist thought police will destroy art, destroy history and viciously attack anyone who dares point out the total, runaway insanity of what’s really happening right now. Where the left once demanded “tolerance,” it now demands totalitarian obedience.

I reject this insanity, and you should too

Personally, I reject this insanity. Whatever happened to the left’s promise of “diversity” and tolerance? It has vanished virtually overnight, replaced by a new neo-Nazi-like regime ripped right of the dystopian sci-fi film Equilibrium, where all art is criminalized and the citizens are required to take their daily medications to remain calm and “peaceful.”

This is a sad day for this nation. This is the day that I have come to fully realize that we are probably headed for a new Civil War, because the thought police on the radical left truly have no tolerance at all. There is no limit to the destruction they seek and the hatred they express for others. They hate America, the American flag, people who go to church, people who legally own firearms and any real diversity of thought. They demand total obedience to their twisted agenda in a classic Orwellian move to banish symbols of southern pride, claiming that the only acceptable “pride” in the new intolerant America is gay pride.

I don’t have anything at all against gay people, but if tolerance doesn’t work both ways, it isn’t tolerance at all. This week, the radical left has proven itself to be a group of thought conformity extremists who have long abandoned any real tolerance at all and who now seek the absolute destruction of anything they do not condone.

Mike Adams

Here’s a graphic I came up with to depict what’s really going on. Share it widely:



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As the flag says...

Where is your line in the sand?

nice ;)

You would think our Country was being led by a bunch of religious zealots right??? Nope... it's just a gang of self righteous lunatics (liberals) hell bent on casting out those wicked symbols, words, movies, books, etc...  Demons be gone!

Oh the irony...




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