If you tell me to vote once again, I might go ape shit on ya, just kidding... but maybe I'm not ;)

Before I go into a long diatribe about why not to vote in the next election pageant, I would like to really make myself clear; do what your conscience tells you firstly. Me, myself and I will choose to vote or to not vote in the grand poo ba event of picking the lesser puppet.

Here's what it's really about... "Let's make a deal, you can either pick door number 1 or door number 2." In door number 1 is a fantastic trip to HELL with Obamadonna greeting you with Yes I can... but for what he does not know yet nor does those that voted for him either, and who really is his father?????... door number 2 is a fabulous trip to an Ice Kingdom and there is Romn-ALIEN chanting...Believe in America. He is quick to tell you if you believe in America, you must send in 250.00 dollars to believe. He will send you a bookmark and signature for your troubles.

Of course I am being facetious but how do you like those selections? Isn't life grand?


Stop Telling Me to Vote! An Argument Against Endorsing the Political System

Benjamin Zeman

Every election cycle I have to deal with so many people asking me if I voted and then being shocked, angry or disappointed with me when I say that I don't vote. Maybe I should just say I voted for the Tea Party, is that better? At least I voted right? I have no problem with you voting if that is what you really want to do but I have my reasons for not endorsing this political circus with my vote. I have a right to decline participation in a political system that I believe is corrupted by money, that forces cultural programming and propaganda on us everyday, that is assisting corporate interests in the looting of our wealth and resources, that supports constant wars and military occupation all over the world, that is gradually dumbing down America and has a strong hand in shaping the New World Order.

Voting in America is about giving in to one of two manufactured options. Both options have continually failed us, over and over again, yet we continue to support a political system that cleverly feeds on one of our last bits of freedom; the right to resist the mechanisms of powers that be. Voting is not the last right we have left, so stop telling me it is. We have the right to cognitive liberty, to think for ourselves and act according to those ideas and principles. Every election cycle the machine chews us up, gets us all riled and agitated and then spits us out, excited for a fight and the promise of change that will never come. We are led to believe that our vote gives us a seat behind the steering wheel, but it doesn't. We aren't fighting the machine by voting, we are becoming it.

Our politicians are illusionists, highly skilled at distorting the field of reality. They playfully distract Americans from whats going on behind the scenes, funded by their corporate sponsors. You are constantly being asked to vote against the other party and not for what you believe would be better for our country. You may ask yourself, "what happened to the man I voted for?" or excuse his failures by blaming the opposition of his political rivals but don't give in to the illusion. Do you really think that not voting is what the other political party wants you to do? Are you that afraid that you would vote against your best interests just because you think the other party is more dangerous? Make no mistake, Democrat or Republican, the machine is tethered to corporate interests, big business and the banking elite. There is no great champion of the people, there is no catalyst for change in the two-party system, there is only the illusion that your vote makes a difference and that your candidate will make things better. The masters of political manipulation, the alchemists of internet and television propaganda; they know how to transform opinion and bypass reason, so that they can grab hold of our emotional cords and pull us into their illusion.

Full Article Here:

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If they have an election and know one showed ??? What if???

Then the sham of a process would be highlighted by a resounding vote of no confidence in the system.
Think the electorate will be a no-show in Nov?


The mindless people who would wear the shackled Adidas would show up and vote for obumbler.
Not sure about fear, but there are too many folks of voting age that are stuck on stupid.
I understand the no vote concept, and the lesser of two evils as well. My hopes are that everyone who wants obumbler out will vote in Nov. If Romney wins, and we hold his feet to the fire on changing the direction of the country, things may drastically change when he cant do it. The best scenario is the two party system dies and is dissolved. The folks who wear the elephant head hats at the RNC are sheep just like the donkey wearing hat people at the DNC.

*Putting on ape shit face guard and bio hazard suit*

Tara you should still go and vote .....

Just not for a Dem or Rep but libertarian or whomever is fighting hardest against tyranny. 

If you were stuck in a prison camp, and the guards let you vote on whether you were to have gruel or prime rib for dinner, would you be “consenting to the system” to vote for prime rib, or would you simply be doing the best you could under the circumstances to improve your material condition?


Fight on every battle field you can the enemy hates it!

... it's true. This is a big part of the reason why we couldn't get Ron Paul elected. Because people don't think he can win for one reason or another. Either he lacks the support, the system is rigged etc. The entire system is NOT rigged and the campaigns have ways to track voting tallies. I know, because I was there when the votes in my ward were printed out. Kind of hard for there to be voting fraud when you have people poll watching. The biggest problem with the voting system on that front is enough people don't participate in the process e.g working as poll watchers. If we had poll watchers in every ward, we would, at the very least get accurate counts for the campaign and from the state reps.

Kind of hard to skew the numbers when the poll watchers get the numbers to headquarters and the state reps, ward moderator, and numerous other witnesses can verify. That's why I made it a point to get to know the State rep at my polling location. I watched him seal the tallies in an envelop and he was a good guy. There were no reports of voting fraud in my area of the state BECAUSE... WE made sure of it -- by participating in the process.

Once you give up on the system, THEY win. This is why we have lost control of the system in the first place because people sit at home and do nothing. Sitting at home doing nothing never accomplished anything.

Good sources, but I never said there wasn't voting fraud lol. There was voting fraud in every state. You misunderstood my comment guy.

I feel like we're moving into straw man argument territory here. The video you posted makes my point. As long as you get that print out, you're good. The man testifying refers to it as a receipt.

I have seen the full length version of this, very insightful. I stand by what I know to be true from actually working against voting fraud. Not something I read on a webpage. The biggest problem we have, and the reason why there is so much voting fraud is because enough of us are not involved in the voting process.

When I worked for the Ron Paul campaign, we were instructed on numerous occasions on how to detect voting fraud. We had conferences on this very subject more than once. I appreciate your tenacity, I really do. The simple fact remains, we lose elections because it takes much more than just casting a vote; we have to safeguard the system. We HAVE TO BE the watchers, otherwise we lose.

Another thing, people should still get involved in this election cycle, more so than ever. Ok, so don't vote, fine. But get your ass down to the polling location in your ward and, at the very least, be a poll watcher. What was nice about the campaign for liberty, is they actually trained us in vote fraud detection. Something you may have to really research on your own time.

 However, your city or town can provide you with a booklet containing the laws for polling locations and what you are allowed in terms of oversight.

lol thanks, in the presidential race you usually have a choice. This year it's Gary Johnson someone if elected would actually be different and a BIG move in the right direction. BUT if everyone who is awake stays home and pouts because the big bad system is better at this game than we are no one will see the support the third party has and the myth that only a Dem or a Rep can win the oval office will prevail. Just getting Johnson in the debates alone is a big win, getting 20%+ in the general sends a message and I know we the freedom movement could do it if we just voted. 

I do bow before the great and undeniable logic that doing nothing in politics will solve more problems than taking a stand and spreading a message. I mean how useless was Ron Paul these past 2 years waking tens of thousands, totally right! YES the logic I'm seeing here is vastly superior and I humbly withdraw in utter defeat!..........


Tired of getting badgered to vote by my brother-in-law. Says folks died for my right to vote. I say it's a choice between a pink or purple dildo. He's voting for Obama. Imagine that. People died for his right to vote & he goes voting for the military's right to torture and kill him for no reason whatsoever.

Lesser of two evils?

Evil is evil in my book.

Perpetually voting for evil gets you only one result.

This election, I'll be sortin' socks.


"Destroying the New World Order"


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