If you tell me to vote once again, I might go ape shit on ya, just kidding... but maybe I'm not ;)

Before I go into a long diatribe about why not to vote in the next election pageant, I would like to really make myself clear; do what your conscience tells you firstly. Me, myself and I will choose to vote or to not vote in the grand poo ba event of picking the lesser puppet.

Here's what it's really about... "Let's make a deal, you can either pick door number 1 or door number 2." In door number 1 is a fantastic trip to HELL with Obamadonna greeting you with Yes I can... but for what he does not know yet nor does those that voted for him either, and who really is his father?????... door number 2 is a fabulous trip to an Ice Kingdom and there is Romn-ALIEN chanting...Believe in America. He is quick to tell you if you believe in America, you must send in 250.00 dollars to believe. He will send you a bookmark and signature for your troubles.

Of course I am being facetious but how do you like those selections? Isn't life grand?


Stop Telling Me to Vote! An Argument Against Endorsing the Political System

Benjamin Zeman

Every election cycle I have to deal with so many people asking me if I voted and then being shocked, angry or disappointed with me when I say that I don't vote. Maybe I should just say I voted for the Tea Party, is that better? At least I voted right? I have no problem with you voting if that is what you really want to do but I have my reasons for not endorsing this political circus with my vote. I have a right to decline participation in a political system that I believe is corrupted by money, that forces cultural programming and propaganda on us everyday, that is assisting corporate interests in the looting of our wealth and resources, that supports constant wars and military occupation all over the world, that is gradually dumbing down America and has a strong hand in shaping the New World Order.

Voting in America is about giving in to one of two manufactured options. Both options have continually failed us, over and over again, yet we continue to support a political system that cleverly feeds on one of our last bits of freedom; the right to resist the mechanisms of powers that be. Voting is not the last right we have left, so stop telling me it is. We have the right to cognitive liberty, to think for ourselves and act according to those ideas and principles. Every election cycle the machine chews us up, gets us all riled and agitated and then spits us out, excited for a fight and the promise of change that will never come. We are led to believe that our vote gives us a seat behind the steering wheel, but it doesn't. We aren't fighting the machine by voting, we are becoming it.

Our politicians are illusionists, highly skilled at distorting the field of reality. They playfully distract Americans from whats going on behind the scenes, funded by their corporate sponsors. You are constantly being asked to vote against the other party and not for what you believe would be better for our country. You may ask yourself, "what happened to the man I voted for?" or excuse his failures by blaming the opposition of his political rivals but don't give in to the illusion. Do you really think that not voting is what the other political party wants you to do? Are you that afraid that you would vote against your best interests just because you think the other party is more dangerous? Make no mistake, Democrat or Republican, the machine is tethered to corporate interests, big business and the banking elite. There is no great champion of the people, there is no catalyst for change in the two-party system, there is only the illusion that your vote makes a difference and that your candidate will make things better. The masters of political manipulation, the alchemists of internet and television propaganda; they know how to transform opinion and bypass reason, so that they can grab hold of our emotional cords and pull us into their illusion.

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This post has taken on a life all it's own while I gone for the weekend, lol. Everyone has very valid points on both sides of the issue. For me, I've made the choice to quit feeding the two-party political machine. And I am all out of bread for the circus clowns :( Until we have a truly representative Government of the people, fair elections, alternative candidates getting a fair shake in each election and most importantly, a free media... I will not participate in the bread and circus ho-down.  

Awesome post, Tara. Like James, I've been doing the third party vote for years and where has that gotten me? Actually, it got me on the jury duty list. So no more, never again will I step foot in a voting booth. I will never partake in this corrupt, bread and circus system, not one more time no matter what phony politician is running. Now that Ron Paul is out of the game (as if he were ever in it), everyone is grasping at straws. Some say it's better if Obama wins because that will give Rand (really?) a shot at 2016 and some are afraid of Mormon prophesy (WTF) coming true if Romney wins. And some say it's better if Romney wins, anything to get Obama out of office, and Romney will fail anyway so then the American people will finally wake up. Really? Do you really think they will wake up no matter how much more pain they will be forced to endure?  Well I don't and furthermore, like my hero, Rhett Butler, frankly, my dears, I don't give a damn. The US and its fat, dumb, ugly, fluoride-headed sheeple do not deserve any better. So go ahead and keep convincing yourselves that this strategy or that one will make any difference. Then four years from now we'll see how well that worked out for you.  You guys are just hoping against hope because there is NO hope for the USSA.

Romney, Obama, it's all BS. My point is, we have lost control of the system because people DON'T participate.

If we all showed up as poll watchers, if we all ran for state rep, if we all communicated with ward moderators on polling day, in EVERY county, in EVERY ward, we would have exact tallies reported to the campaign (like the Ron Paul campaign for e.g).

The MAIN, MAIN, (i'll say it again) THE MAIN reason WHY there is voting fraud is because people DO NOT participate in the process. If there is no one there to watch the polls, if none of us show up as poll workers, if none of us show up as ward moderators then we LOSE and THEY take control of the system just like they have.

In the 2012 GOP elections Ron Paul lost because of voting fraud. The primary reason why there is voting fraud, is because the rest of us stay home and do nothing to watch the watchers. We don't get involved, we sit around and bitch about the system, yet do NOTHING to change it.

IF, we all got involved, like, say in the campaign for liberty this last time around, it would have been VERY, VERY, VERY difficult for them to steal votes. As long as the machines are zeroed at the start of the polling day, which as a poll watcher, poll worker, state rep, or ward moderator, you are allowed to do, it is virtually impossible for voting fraud other than people showing up casting votes for a deceased person e.g.

As long as you participate in the process and you are there when the day starts, and the day ends for the printout tallies, then you report the exact numbers to the campaign. IF the campaign had poll watchers in every ward, poll workers in every ward, and some of us as state reps and ward mods, we would have exact numbers to report to the campaign all verifiable by multiple witnesses from EVERY ward.

They control the voting system for no other reason than the simple fact that we don't participate. Voting isn't enough. Never has been and never will be.

If everyone in the country stayed home and didn't vote, then they would lose power. But realistically, that's not going to happen. As long as you can fool some of the people some of the time, you're going to have elections.

It really sucks to say, but we have really allowed this to happen; we've brought this on ourselves. People should have learned their lesson from Ron Paul 2008. Not enough of them did, people didn't get involved and now we are right back where we started...

YES as usual we are in agreement Krypke, retreat is not the solution. Participation in the process is key in taking it back. 


I don't agree, that we lost control of the system because of none participation, or that we are somehow responsible, your taking on the guilt for what you have no control over, that is a what the co-opted tea party tries to make it's members think.

It's just not so, is it Not our fault that our government has been taken over from within, at ever branch of government by an evil organized occult group.

You also mention we should police the polls, it doesn't matter how many eyes you put in the polling station, there is no way for anyone to know what the electronic machine tallies, you don't get verification and theres no way to know if it did what you chose on the card.

There are only a couple of company s that make and supply the voting machines, they are overwhelmingly owned by people in our government and one of the big holders in US voting machines is the Rothschild, our government loans out those fantastic machines to country's that that we are trying to spread democracy in, even thou we are supposed to be a republic.

there are people in place that should put a stop to all this corruption but they have been taken over by the enemy from within.

Also I don't think we can just stand by and not participate, we have to take our country back, the fastest way would be for us to exercise our rights and remove this federal government and start anew, or we can spend a zillion years trying to restore it bit by bit, but I think it's to far gone for the later.

I worked on the Campaign For Liberty and we were trained on how to detect voting fraud at the polls. I know exactly how the machines work and voting fraud is detectable even according to the people that have programmed the machines to cheat. The reason why we get cheated is because people won't get off their bitchy asses, and do something about it, sorry to say.

I have been on the front lines of this, I know how it works. I seriously don't have time to keep going back and forth on this topic. We are in this mess because we are not watching the watchers. We are in this mess, because people sit around bitching about the system and do NOTHING to change it.

I have viewed the electronic machines and seen the machines completely zeroed. If the machine is zeroed at the BEGINNING of the day, and you get the print out at the end, then the physical counts compared to the machine tallies should match. If NOT then you have voting fraud.

I can explain it until i'm blue in the face. What I have learned form this, is that majority of you do not understand how voting fraud works, period end of discussion.

My question for anybody out there, is this: HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ON THE FRONT LINES COMBATING VOTING FRAUD?




We are way, far, into strawman argument territory now.

your missing my point, it is a machine and it can be programed to switch every so many votes to the preplanned winner, you cannot detect that kind of fraud.

I get your point, and know the machines very well. And yes you can detect it. The people that have rigged the machines and have testified in a court of law for doing so have admitted that you can detect it.

I worked for Campaign Liberty and on election day by JOB was to make sure the machines were not programmed for voting fraud. That there was NO voting fraud.

the only way to detect it is to hand count all the votes and match that to what the machine recorded at the end of the day, the voter has no way of knowing on the spot if the machine actually recorded what he/she voted, nor does a watcher, how could they, all the watcher knows is you stuck your card into the machine.

you don't get a receipt on what you voted, the watcher's don't know what you voted and they most certainly don't know what the machine did with your vote, it could well have changed a certain percentage of votes without anyone knowing.

I guess we will have to agree to disagree

explained how it works in prior comments. tired of this discussion. have you been a poll watcher for a campaign before?

No but I'm on the ballot for Delegate this fall, answered the call from Campaign for Liberty then reported back to them for there promised support and got zip back from them.


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