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Sessions ending federal policy that let legal pot flourish

Jeff Sessions pot announcement: rescinding policy allowing states' rights CBS News U.S. to end policy that let legal marijuana flourish… View »

Weiner Emails: Soros Email list reads like a who's who of swamp creatures --- had a direct line to Hillary

list reads like a fucking who's who of swamp creatures. Gephardt, Menendez, Sanchez, Feingold, Webb, Murkowski, Owens, Mondale (fucking Mondale, really?), Berger, Soros, just goes on and… View »

Guess who reviewed the Weiner laptop emails before Comey re-cleared Clinton?

From NYT story before Comey firing: On Nov. 5, three days before Election Day, Mr. Strzok and his team had 3,000 emails left to review. That night, they ordered pizza and dug in. At about 2 a.m.,… View »

Man accidentally threw away $127 million in bitcoin and

James Howells, an IT worker living in the United Kingdom, knows exactly where his misplaced 7,500 bitcoins are but the city council where he lives won't let him retrieve them. They say it's against t… View »

Bitcoin tumbles after record highs

Bitcoin tumbles after record highs The cryptocurrency lost almost one-fifth of its value from a peak hit just three days earlier Bitcoin fell more than 10 per cent on Wednesday to a one-week low of U… View »

UK Police Computer Mistakes Desert Photography for Illegal Porn -- Curvy sand dunes mistaken for suggestive female poses 1 Comment

Police have launched AI bots to spot illegal pornography, but the algorithm mistakes desert photography for porn. London Police are using the image recognition software, capable of identifying drug… View »

Voter Fraud Investigation Launched in Alabama: Out-of-State Voters?

An investigation into potential voter fraud has been launched in the Senate special election between Roy Moore and winner Doug Jones by Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill.  A random… View »

A Good Year for Israel and its Friends—A bad year for the U.S. Constitution

The unfortunate Donald Trump Administration decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel serves no visible American interest, in spite of what some of the always-loyal-to-Israel… View »

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim sells off half of his "Failing" NY Times shares

© Getty Images The New York Times largest shareholder, Mexican telecommunications billionaire Carlos Slim, sold half of his common stock and warrants in the company, valued at about $240 mill… View »



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