Armed Federal Agents Patrol Tea Party Rallies Judge Napolitano questions why DHS is showing up armed to Tea Party demonstrations against the IRS.

Armed Federal Agents Patrol Tea Party Rallies

Judge Napolitano questions why DHS is showing up armed to Tea Party demonstrations against the IRS.



Armed and out-of-uniform Department of Homeland Security agents showed up last week at peaceful Tea Party protests that arose from the IRS scandal. Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on the troubling news this morning on Fox and Friends.



Gretchen Carlson asked whether this is legal and if this is yet another example of bullying tactics by the Obama administration. Judge Napolitano said the only recourse people have is to put political pressure on President Obama to end this practice, arguing that local police departments are more than capable of monitoring peaceful Tea Party rallies.

They both agreed that people will hear about this and feel "chilled," and Carlson pointed out that DHS also monitored peaceful Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

"The government needs to realize its first job is to protect our freedoms. So when it inhibits us from exercising them, it's not doing its job. ... Why do we need a federal police department to track anybody when they're lawfully expressing a political opinion in a public place? That's not a job for the police, that's not a job for the feds," he said.


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Comment by Petunia Skrebbles on May 31, 2013 at 6:05pm

John Carman, very interesting, could you please send links from unbiased sources?  I would appreciate it, and also please tell me how many Americans have muslims  killed without provocation, since 1967 and proof that it happened?  Thanks... since some who call themselves muslims are not.  They are undercover and work for another  country as provocateurs like in the middle east rebels who were actually agents of the CIA and mossad.  But like Mossad they looked ME.   Once they go control of their respective countries, like Egype, Libya etc, they gave away everything the "people had" to the Rothschild banks and Corporate oil companies.  Yup,  you are right, they are bad news.  Anyone who would sell  out their country to a foreign nation should be DEFINITELY SHOT AND WILL BE WHEN THIS REACHES THAT STAGE WHERE THE EURPEAN UNDERGROUND STARTED SHOOTING TRAITORS.   Yup, we are certainly coming into interesting times.  

Comment by suzie on May 30, 2013 at 9:03pm
I always liked the judge.. When I had a TV I looked forward to his show FREEDOM WATCH.. which they got rid of because the judge hit too many nerves especially when he talked about Ron Paul
Comment by John Carman on May 30, 2013 at 8:37pm

Islam is NOT a True "Religion" and should be banned on this Planet. Islam is a "Military Ideology" and a twisted perverted group of imaginary rules and laws imagined by a perverted Pedophile of a "prophet" named Muhammad. What religion authorizes sex or marriage with "children"? Or "illicit" sex with boys as well as girls? Animals(Bestiality) or sex with "Dead People"(Necrophilia) and severe laws as in Sharia laws?

I have read the Quran and it has many conflicting passages. Stolen from the Torah and Bible which is also mixed up with fantasy by Muhammad. 

What even more interesting are the statements from "former" Islamic Imams that finally learned that Islam is a Hoax and has no religious value whatsoever.

Check out:

An Ex-Muslim exposes the true nature of Islam and the lies used to Control Muslims and Infidels.

This one is really good and researched too! (Who killed Muhammad?)

Comment by Petunia Skrebbles on May 30, 2013 at 6:54pm

Forgot to say that this is  happening already.  How many unarmed American citizens have been murdered already by out of control pollice, trained by homeland Storm Trooper security at their FUSIA centers?  Its every day now somewhere in the country.    ITS IN THE POTOCOLS TO USE VIOLENCE ON US TO COW THE POPULATION AND ITS IN THE TALMUD THAT ITS OK TO MURDER GOYIM, THAT IS US.  i JUST GOT A CALL ABOUT 5 MINUTES AGO IN MY PODUNCT TOWN AND ALREADY THEY HAVE ARRESTED 2 DISSIDENTS WHO WERE FIGHTING IN COURT ON ISSUES THAT WERE BLATANTLY ILLEGAL ON THE SYSTEMS PART.   The documented issues were ignored and a jury trial was refused.   Its happening folks, we have a lot less time then I thought we had.   They are getting scared and going for the gold now.    Good luck everyone,  better get ready, and prepare.

Comment by Petunia Skrebbles on May 30, 2013 at 6:47pm

Islam is going through a lot worse than us.   They have lost over 5 million people  murdered by us at the orders of Israel who holds our country hostage.   Now why does everyone  else know about that  except you?   DEPT OF HOMELAND "GESTAPHO" SECURITY IS  FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH DUAL ISRAELI CITIZENS?   And that is a proven fact and not a single Muslim on staff, and who is doing the armed suveillience on the tea party?  HOMELAND ZIONIST SECURITY.    NOT THE MUSLIMS.   The plan is for the Muslims and Christians to kill each other off  and leave the khazars standing to rule the globe.   Here, listen to this and get an education.  And after you read this, listen to the video, then read the protocols of the elders of zion, then you will be fully educated.  Then you can decide of you want to live  in world run by satanists who have no restrictions on whatever they decide they want to do.  It they decide to rape your 14 year old daughter or grand daughter, then they will and you better not say a word or off with your goyim head.

Comment by John Carman on May 30, 2013 at 5:18pm

Exactly !!! What in hell is DHS doing against a major political group of "Conservative" people???

I guess it's okay to allow Black Panthers with loaded shotguns and carbines at "Polling Places" and Eric Holder or "President" Obama does NOTHING!!!??? Bull Shit !!!! 

P.S. Nice to see Napolitano makes some interesting points, but what in hell is HE doing about it!!!???

Indict Eric Holder, Barry Soetoro, Hillary Clinton, and "John Does 0-1,000 plus!!!

This racist bull shit has to stop !!!

Islam is a danger to our country and is a national threat!!!(Does a Clear and Present Danger mean anything to anybody? It should. It allows the Commander in Chief to take "military action" officially or unofficially against any group deemed a Threat to American or it's Citizens.

Remember, "National Security" supersedes our regular Constitutional requirements and laws.

If you make any complaints make sure to indicate that one or more Islamic/Black Terrorists have made death threats to you or any member of your Family.(It's not just Islam or Black Panthers, These are just some examples)

Comment by GulfGirl2012 on May 30, 2013 at 4:36pm

police state much!!


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