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A homeless man is covered in snow while sleeping on the Bay Street sidewalk in Toronto’s financial district, as temperatures dip to -25 degrees with windchill January 2013.

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Comment by donald shawver on January 27, 2013 at 2:29pm

This backwoods idiot balck judge, who was obviously over run by these two expert legal eagles, ruled against me, fined my three hundred dollars for each offense, and also 60 days in jail, the max for all charges. He never read me my rights, nor did the police at the scene, and when my lawyer requested a jury trial, he said the city could not afford a trial with jurers.The fedral attorney picked up his cell phone and made a call to Austin to speak with state council over budget and court affairs. Within about 5 minutes the call came back to the court, and this lawyer was put on speaker phone. The lawyer stated that this city had over $210,000 in it's account for juries and trial funds. The judge was stupified. The federal attorney asked if he could be lead council, as he and my lawyer agreed that this needed to got to federal court in dallas. The judge refused the request, and told the baliff to lock me up. My lawyer asked what the bond was, and the judge said he refused bond. The federal attorney said that a judge in Texas can only deny bond on capital offenses, or reason to believe the charged wil take flight. the judge resonded and said I believe that this man will flee. The federal attorney asked for the reason the judge remained silent. The next thing I know, the baliff is whisking me off back to jail. The next day, the guard comes and gets me, I aksed him why I were not fed yesterday, and he said we ran out of food.  The sink in the back dungeon cell, the sink was broke, so i had to drink water from the toilet, as I drank very little, as there were no toilet paper to wipe with or to wipe the toilet with. I took my shirt off, and sued that to wipe it with. No cleaner or hand soap either. I requested water, but it never arrived. I requested cleaning chemicals, they never arrived. I asked for writing materials as to take notes on all this, that never arrived. I aksed for a stamp and a envelope, that never arrived. I asked for a blanket and a pillow, as it was cold, and in the middle of winter, and a mat for the cement floor, as in the dungeon cell there is no bunk.That never arrived, and I asked if they could turn the light on, and they did, but about an hour later I guess, it went out.I banged on the door, and no one came. I had a cell next to me with another man, and he said ask for medical attention, as by law they must respond then. So I did, as I needed my head still stiched up, as they only gave me a band aid, and refused to take me to the hospital to get stitched back up, and even refused to have the jail nurse come do something, that never happened. The man in the cell next door said the judge was muslim and hated americans as he has been in this jail before and before that judge and had learned this the hard way. The next morning here comes the jailer to get me to go to court. the federal district arrorney of dallas, the actual one, the boss, calls me into a side office, and requests that I render unto him my signature and hire him to represent me. My lawyer was there, but the other attorney was in court thaty day. So I did. I was shackled from hands to feet with a chain connecting the hands to the leg irons, and I had to stoop over to walk, as that was hard, from the inbalance problems. So this attorney and my lawyer got fed up with this crap and buddy carried me into court. The district attorney asked the judge why I were placed in the back cell, and why i were  denied all the things I request, and why I were shackled this way. The judge would not answer. So this federal district attorney, called the federal judge in dallas and told him on the speaker phone what all had transpired and the federal judge orderd that I be released into the custody of the federal court,as this judge would take responsibilty for me, and that this case would now be heard in federal disctict court in some six months or so. This podunk back woods dumb judge told the federal judge no. see continued.

Comment by donald shawver on January 27, 2013 at 2:06pm

I left the Army in 2004, of June, after I was shot in Iraq, severaly disabled and still re-learning how to walk, as I was shot in the head, and had a TBI, and sought help and treatment from the VA, and was turned away at first. I visited my congressman and he got me in, and then it took 16 months to get financial benefits, and using the DAV at that. I were homeless for 9 months as I ran out of money that I had saved while in the military. I first staid in a homeless shelter, but it was filled with criminals, drugs, and theives. I came back from the bathroom after being there the third day, and all my stuff was gone. All my military medals also. My Silver star, my two bronze stars, my three purple hearts, and other medals. All my camping equipment, and survival gear and other stuff. I called the police, and they refused to investigate, and would not even come in the place, citing an agreement with the owner, not to be involved in the business of the shelter, or to investigate crimes other than rape and murder. I left and then were camping near a church, not to be near them for any other reason, than there were a nice area of well secluded woods nearby,and no other homeless around. On the fourth day, a catholic priest and some church worker saw me leaving the woods, as to go to the grocery store, as the manager was paying me to collect baskets from the parking lot, and giving me food also. Next thing I know the fire department and the police are all over me. There are two huge fire trucks arriving, and two cop cars.The cops jump out with guns raised and order me on the ground. They jumped on top of me, frisked me, and one had his knee pressed real hard down on my head where the wound was. He aksed me if some cop had shot me there, and did it happen becuase I had shot at a cop or something like that. The old sewed up hole started to bleed. I told him he was hurting me and I had done nothing wrong or resisted at all, which everyone could see that. I were surrounded by over 7 men. And these fireman were huge. The cop finaly got off of me, they other cop placed the cuffs on so tight, my hands were going numb. The cops lifted me up, I had blood running down my face, I asked that an ambulance be called so I could get medical help. They refused. One firemen called me America's problem and another said I might be a terrorist. I had no ID yet, as I had just left the shelter and had not the money to get a bus or cab to go get another one. So they ran me into jail, for failure to ID, and for not having one also. At the station I was charged with tresspassing, as the property was owned by the church, with failure to produce ID, failure to show ID, and resisting arrest. They charged me with that, as my court appointed attorney told me so that I could not come back on them and sue them for injuring me and not seeking medical aid for the wound.

They also charged me with loitering in that area, and for working with no social security card. My lawyer contacted some out of state lawyer who were a retired Marine. He flew into town, from Michigan, to help me, as he had no other business in that town or that state. I have severe balance problems from the vertigo which is a result of the injury, and I cannot lean over or lean backwards or side ways without falling. The crapy guards in this jail, a podunk little town, near Dallas, ordered me to work, by picking up trash off the floor of the jail, in which I told them I would use the broom, and get another inmate to pick up the trash. They refused this request, and I told them of my war time injury, and vertigo, they called me a liar and said I was never in the military. So I bent over to get the trash, and fell on my face. My nose was bloody and they laughed about it. The next day that Marine lawyer arrived. He had me before the judge in less than 20 minutes, as he had a federal civil rights attorney with him, form federal court, an old law school friend. see next story, it continues.

Comment by truth on January 26, 2013 at 12:47am
Comment by Pamela Ida Prince on January 25, 2013 at 10:45pm

German design  http://www.abc.net.au/tv/newinventors/txt/s2638878.htm may be better sited than Australia one..  http://youtu.be/gwHnFdyrndc   oh, it is an Australian design. 

A demo.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1HmYY9I9hc

Comment by Pamela Ida Prince on January 25, 2013 at 10:26pm

Alex Stitts .. artist for ''Life be in It..''   what chance you got if no warm couch to laze on..

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on January 25, 2013 at 4:26pm

All the more reason to spread a SOLUTION!  Stop pointing at problems and doing nothing more than saying, "OMG!"  Start spreading this link:

An Open Letter to the Revolutionaries:


Shall We Humans join in a solution? It's up to You.

Comment by Christopher on January 25, 2013 at 3:28pm

"OH CANADA" is right!

I have seen this, with my very eyes - its not propaganda, or a conspiracy theory.

"problems in Canada are nothing compared to yours in the US..."

Canada does not have 330 million people either - and seeing that we are doing so much better - why are we seeing this?

With a population of 35 million people, we are not doing very well, on the subject of poverty, especially child poverty.

In 2011; it was reported that one in ten Canadians are living in poverty - and in 2010, it was reported that the number of senior citizens living in poverty, had increased by 25% to a figure of 250,000 - and this was; as of 2008.

There is a volunteer service, which usually starts up every November in Canada, and its called "Out of The Cold" - its basically 'shelters', for the homeless folks, during these extreme times, and the venues are usually the basements of various churches, of all denominations, and they are filled to capacity.

You know what they say - the truth hurts - but I'll bet you any amount, that it does not hurt, like the real hurt, that person must be experiencing, sleeping on the open ground, on Bay Street - that's like our Wall Street.

Thanks to T. HuMaN, for the wake up call.

Comment by truth on January 25, 2013 at 2:36pm



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